California Dreamin’

Thanx Dave!

For my entire existence I’ve lived in California. Up North mostly—from Oakland, to San Francisco, Sacramento, and all the way down the coast to Los Angeles. The older I get, the more my mind wonders if California loves me as much as I—or it’s inhabitants have. It’s an interesting thought. Think about it, we rep this state to death with tattoos, shirts and hats. From social media, to in person bravado; we are damn near arrogant about a place that we can barely even afford to live in. It’s borderline comical. Despite the overpriced, ever shrinking square footage, people are dying to move here. Mostly, because they think they’ll become famous [LAUGH… OUT… LOUD], or they have dreams of lying on the beach and surfing. The irony of it all…Natives are moving out in record numbers, while people from other states are moving in. Those that are left are the ones stuck…

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