The Utah Jazz 2016/17 Season Preview

screenshot_20160926-123511The Utah Jazz were literally 1 game away from making the 2015/16 NBA playoffs. If it wasn’t for the greatest shot checker in history putting 60 on them in their season finale, they would have been the 8th seed in the playoffs. Too bad they were in awe for Kobe’s last game. I wished they would of fought and demolished the Lakers, to really send a statement. That statement should of said “To honor Kobe in his last game, we are going to blow out the Lakers and make the playoffs!” Anyways, “The Dave” wrote about the Jazz briefly a few months ago. We will focus on the Utah’s present affairs for this upcoming season. They have a great looking roster and they have a chance to be the 8th seed this upcoming season. The Utah Jazz has a plethora of Guards and it looks like it will benefit them in the long run. Or will it ruin their chances??

C. Rudy Gabbert
PF. Derrick Favors
SF. Gordon Haywood
SG. Alec Burke
PG. Rodney Hood

6th. Dante Exum
7th. Joe Johnson
8th. George Hill
9th. Boris Diaw
10th. Jeff Withey
11th. Trey Lyles
12. Shelvin Mack

OK let me explain this. The front court needs no explanation at all. But the back court was very tricky. Injuries plagued the guard play last season, which explains Utah’s current overhaul.  Dante Exum is back from an ACL tear and Alec Burke came back last season, after missing 56 games due to ankle surgery. Look for heavy minutes logged with the front court this season, considering that their bench doesn’t have a solid back up big. Jeff Withey is too slow to command any attention or any pressure off of the young Gobert. Joe Johnson is a shell of himself but he can add a solid 15pts per game off the bench if motivated. (Keyword is IF) Boris Diaw will be the less ferocious version of Draymond Green as a Swiss army knife. But Diaw has been doing that for years. Maybe I should of said “Draymond Green’s play, is a more ferocious version of Veteran Boris Diaw’s style!” Too bad I’m not ESPN though hahahahah. Gordon Haywood is one of the most underrated players in the NBA and I think he will be a top 5 scorer this year. Why? Because imagine being constantly underlooked on a small market team. That type of motivation will propel any athlete stardom (or dare I say it, Superstardom.) Derrick Favors is an underrated all around 4, but he does have an inside game and can block shots as well. Rudy Gobert is a stud in the making and will be wrecking prodigy (whoops I mean Havoc) on the defensive end. Rodney Hood played his ass off last year and I think coach Snyder, will reward Hood for his hard work. Not easy having 4 Point Guards on the team, right?


The city of Utah, will have Rocky Mountain esq expectations this year, but the Jazz fans deserve a playoff berth. They will have to battle other up and coming young teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Lakers of Los Angeles, I think the Jazz’ core guys, are alot more hungrier at this point than the teams I just mentioned. We will see. Until then, stay thirsty my friends.



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