My glutinous snacks that I miss from the past.

Thanx Dave!

I’m trying to exhibit will power because I start my punk ass diet today. Laying in bed thinking about all the new millennium snacks. Hahahahah actually the old millennium snacks. This list is the junk food that I miss.. Enjoy


10. Great Bluedini Kool Aid

Remember when collecting Kool Aid points was a thing. Send in 500 and you would get an official Kool Aid Mug. Well this one changed colors and was one of my all time favorites. (Orange, Black Cherry, and Purplesaurus Rex just missed the list)


9. Oatmeal Swirlers.

Now this snack right here indicated that you had just went grocery shopping. It would not last a day in our household. My favorite Oatmeal Swirler was the cherry one.


8. Reese’s Crunchy Cookie Cups.

These came out in the mid 90s and they were the bomb. Especially if you put them in ice cream. Too bad they…

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