The Longest Sigh ever*!!!


Yes it’s time to start him. I think with Kaepernick’s stance on the National Anthem the hottest topic, you have to ask yourself, why not start him? It’s time. How much worse can he be than Gabbert? Is he destined to carry the 49ers? No! But the ratings will be out of control. The Internet will break and people will talk more about this, than JR getting shot on DALLAS. Or Should we start Christian Ponder?


Hahahahahahha. I “PONDER” the thought. Blaine Gabbert is inept. He lacks arm strength and decision making abilities. He panics in the pocket and is very predictible behind the line of scrimmage. He lacks the intangibles to be an effective game manager with this team. You see, with this team you need superstars and the only one on offense is (the die hard 49ers fans like myself)Screenshot_20161003-125819.jpg

Carlos Hyde. But that is overreaching, Carlos Hyde is no superstar but we have to treat him as one. Colin Kaepernick has arm strength but lacks accuracy and is a one read QB. If you combine Gabbert & Kaepernick, you would get an average QB. Think of Jason Campbell. That’s my honest opinion. In all seriousness, how much worse are we with Kaepernick? Exactly.


Not to mention our offense by committee, Chip Kelly and his WTF offensive schemes, we are destined for 5-11 for the next 3 years. I’ve been saying it consistently here on thecouchsports.com. We suck. Let’s enjoy our suckiness however. We have to get mental wins when we can. Let’s see if Carlos Hyde can get 1000 yards rushing. Let’s see if one of our receivers will break the (sigh) 800 yard receiving plane. Let’s see how Aaron Lynch will impact the defense after being suspended 4 games and would he replace the tenacity that Navarro Bowman brought?


*Bowman might of tore his Achilles yesterday*

Let us see folks. 1-3 and Arizona is coming to Silicon Valley on Thursday folks so it will be interesting.

Stay thirsty my friends



  1. Thank you for the support. Yes here on thecouchsports.com, we have a lot of 49er stories. Conspiracy Theories, facts, etc. I’m a die hard 9er fan born and bred here in San Francisco. If your husband is interested have him check out my series called “the exodus of Jim Harbaugh.”

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