Congratulations Gigantes

Hell yeah.Ok from my point of view, this is what happened:

Quick recap y’all. That was an amazing game, right? Ok Ok Ok I only saw the 9th inning due to work and I almost missed one of the best home runs I’ve seen in a long time. Got home in time to see the top of the 9th inning. The score was 0-0 and before watchong the game, I paused it to catch up on highlights. It looked like I missed a helluva defensive game. Brandon Crawford had just hit a nice double. With one man on base and no outs, Angel Pagan was up. He showed bunt early. Everyone anticipated the bunt. While he struggles in his final at bat of the series, Pagan struck out after being impatient. 1 out. Next up was Joe Panik. Panik eventually got walked. So you have 2 men on, 1 out with Conor Gillaspie up. Conor Gillaspie whose averages of the 2016 season were .262 BA,  6HR, 25RBI, 1SB. Surely he couldn’t be the savior, right? (If you recall in our past championship runs, there was always an unlikely hero. Travis Ishikawa, Barry Zito, Marco Scutaro etc.)  

And what do you know, a perfect swing into deep right center and a 3 run Homer thanks to Gillaspie. Next up Madison Bumgardner who almost hit a home run but fell short at the warning track. When we finally get to out #3, the METS fans slowly started to trickle out. They sensed the Giants were unstoppable. Coach Bruce Bochy decided to leave Bumgardner in for the bottom of the 9th. With our bullpen struggling in the latter part of this season, Bochy leaves Bumgardner in. Bumgardner had a look of calm and a demeanor that read “Let’s go home already.” This game was a pitchers duel and I almost missed the whole thing. Wish us luck against the Cubs on Friday. Peace yall


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