Will the Cubs choke?

Dear Chicago Cubs,


👏👏. CONGRATS on the win.You just beat my Giants. The even year curse comes to an end. Honestly, this was a helluva series. The Gigantes fought, but errant pitching from out bullpen, cost us another chance at a title. It’s funny because pre Allstar game, the San Francisco Giants had the best record in the whole MLB. Post Allstar game, they had the worst record and we barely made it into the playoffs. I’m sorry fellow Giants fans, but our bullpen needs a big shake up this offseason. It was a fun season. Now the Cubs go on to the NLCS game to face either the Dodgers or the Nationals. I really hope the Nationals advance and they beat the Cubs. Sorry Chi-town! Just hating a Lil bit. Hahahaha. Well joking aside good luck Cubs, I hope you win a World Series and break the spell. Congrats


A slightly bitter Giants Fan 

Tareau Barron



  1. Since my Orioles were bounced early, I suppose I should be rooting for the Nationals under the “closest team” theory…but I’m hoping the Cubs win it just so they can stop talking about that curse!

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  2. Lol! I am rooting for the Cubs. But you know what? No one wants the Cubs to win more than STEVE BARTMAN. Remember him?

    He got death threats after this. He was never forgiven. He is probably thinking “if the Cubs win, I can show my face at the mall again”. Lol

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