Raiders vs Chiefs Preview (Audio)




  1. Y’all Dave got a serious Cali accent! LOL! No, seriously, you sound great!

    I don’t care for sports but you were able to keep me engaged— I enjoyed listening to you talk a little smack! I could see how you could really engage another sports buff.

    That said, you should consider hollering at T. Wayne (A Joyful Process Blog). He is a huge sports fan. He’s done some sportswriting for his local newspaper over in Maryland. He’d probably be an interesting guest.

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    • sorry I’m late on responding to everything, I just got back in the house. What’s this accent of which you speak hahaha. I’ve been hearing that since I came to Michigan. I wish I could hear it. I need to start engaging with T-Wayne and the rest of the WordPress gang a whole lot more. Thank you for that suggestion. Hope you enjoy tomorrows show. We can be a little random lol. Thank you for listening. Really love that I can keep a none sports fan engaged.

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  2. Yes, Lady G directed me here. I think she overstated my credentials a bit. I had a sports blog years ago (now shuttered). I used to write for, a local sports blog here in MD, mostly about college football, ACC specifically, back when Maryland was in the ACC. I haven’t written a lot about sports since, but from time to time I do write about sports on my blog, A Joyful Process. I do follow the Big Three, also Premier League and MLS soccer too.

    Plus I’m a Ravens fan, so I’m a little salty about the Raider barely escaping the Bank with a win a couple weeks ago. But only a little salty. When they were 3-0, I had no idea what kind of team they were. Now that they are 3-3, I think they seem to be trending downward. Could be 5-11, could be 8-8, could go 11-5. No idea.

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    • hahaha we did barley get out of there too. This weak ass defense of ours is catching up to us. The coldest part about the NFL is every week counts. Every one. Injuries change the landscape as well. That’s pretty cool that you wrote for them. That is. I’ve been trying to get more into collegiate sports more over the past year and a half. I feel it’s essential to know what’s going on at that level.

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