How much is winning really valued? In recent years the topic of championship rings seems to be synonymous with greatness. What about the players who put their blood sweat and tears into their respective sport, but fell short of a title? Ae they any less great if they didn’t make it to the mountain top and plant their flag? Despite having their foot prints all over that damn mountain? This is a piece showing love to the greats who still have a place in history. Those with their name in the record book that many don’t acknowledge.

    [HOF= Hall of Fame]


Karl Malone


(HOF) 2nd All-Time in points (36,928) 2nd all-time Field Goals made (13,528)

14x All-Star 14x All NBA 2x MVP



Reggie Miller


(HOF)  5x All-Star  3x All NBA 2nd in 3-Pointers (2,560)

9th all time minutes played (47,619)


Barry Sanders

(AP Photo/Duane Burleson, file)

(HOF)  1997 NFL MVP     1994 & ’97 NFL Player of the Year

10x Pro Bowler    3rd All-Time Rushing Yards (15,269)

9th All-Time Rushing TD’s (99)




Patrick Ewing 


(HOF)   11x All-Star       7x All NBA       3x All Defense



Warren Moon 



(HOF)  1990 NFL MVP  9x Pro Bowler  Ranked 7th All-Time in passes completed  (3,988)

9th All-Time Passing TD‘s (2,91)  7th All-Time in Passing yards (49,325)


Bruce Smith


(HOF)   11x Pro Bowler    1990 & ’96 NFL Defensive Player of the Year

8x All-Pro   All-Time Leader in sacks (200)


Dan Marino


(HOF) 9x Pro Bowler   1984 NFL MVP  4th All-Time Passing Yards (61,361)   5th All-Time Passing TD‘s (420)   4th All-Time Passes Completed (4,967)



Allen Iverson


(HOF)   11x All-Star   2000-01 NBA MVP   7x All-NBA First Team




Tim Brown


(HOF) 9x Pro Bowler   5th All-Time Receptions (1,094)

6th All-Time Receiving Yards (14,934)   9th All-Time Receiving Yards (100)



Ken Griffey


(HOF)    13x All-Star    1997 MLB Player of the Year   1997 MLB MVP   9x Gold Glove Winner   6th All-time Home Runs (630)   15th All-Time RBI’s (1836)

7x Silver Slugger award recipient




Tony Gwynn


(HOF)   8 NL Batting Titles   5x Gold Glove Winner   15x All-Star   7x Silver Slugger Award recipient


Charles Barkley 


(HOF) 11x All-Star   1992-93 NBA MVP   6th All-Time Offensive Rebounds (4,260)



John Stockton


(HOF) 10x All-Star   NBA All-Time Leader in Assist (15,806)

NBA All-Time Leader in Steals  (3,265)

11x All-NBA   5x All-Defense



  1. That’s because winning is all what white collar fans can equate with money. America is obsessed with winning or being #1 and giving 2 shits about being #2. I would love to live Jim Kelly’s life. Of course the goal is to win a championship but only a handful of people will ever get there. Also for football, it sucks when the defense is playing well and the offense chokes or vice versa, to cost you a Superbowl or hell even a missed kick

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      • Just look at all the hard work people put in. I can’t say that guys like Terrell Owens nor Chris Paul are failures. Look at all the accomplishments between those elite players. Coaching, situations, health, and yes even luck plays a huge role in not just winning a championship, but just getting to the championship.

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