Fading (California) Dreams

Who doesn’t California give a fuck about?


Thats right you!


I wrote before about all the loyalty we show to the state, that it never reciprocates—I’m not sure y’all got the message. You see, I left. I bounced. I kicked rocks. I’m trying to get others to see the light.

My gripe is with the over-priced homes, you may never attain. You thought paying $3200 for an apartment was bad. What about when you want to own?


Lets take a look at the bullshit what California has to offer:

San Francisco


The cheapest house is in a neighborhood that’s still in the middle of gentrification. Get it while it’s hot, this whole city will soon only be for the rich.



I spent a big chunk of my life here. All my life it was the place the rest of the Bay Area would shit on. Treated it like the worst city in the state. Now all the hipsters are flocking here. Driving up rent. Driving up housing cost. Making it like the rest of the Bay—unaffordable. Paying over half a million dollars for 1200 square feet of house!




Some call it the last affordable city in California. That title will be gone really, really soon.


Los Angeles



The main reason most people outside of the state think California is a big vacation. Then they move, and become homeless. L.A. isn’t far from it’s Northern neighbors in price. $300,000 house still sit in bad neighborhoods. But… the California dream, and comfortable thought of laying on beaches keep people in financial jail.



It would be irresponsible of me to show you the problem, and not give you,



Las Vegas


All positives here. It’s the very next state over. That kills your, “what about my friends and family”  argument. Very, affordable place, with a lot to do. And hell nah, I’m not talking about gambling. If you do it right, you can take your California money and buy a house, out-right. Cash!




We’re getting a little further I know, but you only get one life. Do you want to continue to slowly financially drown? Same thing as Vegas. Very affordable. And you are not far from home base.


New Orleans


This place is arguably more affordable than Texas. Plus live a little. New Orleans is on a upswing, be apart of something.




Oh I know what you think. Exactly what the mainstream media told you to think. And that’s ok. I like that, this place is a big secret. The major comeback is on for this place, and by the time the media hands you your next opinion tells you it’s ok to be here, it’ll be far too late. You could literally take two or three pay checks and buy a house cash!! Put it this way, Detroit is the reason I’ll never move back to my native state.


And then there’s this:



The problem is, like most Humans, Californians hate change. Most won’t move. They’ll just continue to take the abuse, because, well it’s all they know. People get comfortable. Convenient excuses like, family or friends are thrown at the proverbial wall, in hopes it will stick. But one day it won’t, and it’ll be too late.

This post is dedicated to those who want out. Those who see the bullshit and are tired of it.  

If you don’t like the chapter in life you’re in, turn the page and start a new one. If you’re still not feeling where you are, close that book and pick up another!



  1. Good post man. We also have to factor in with Gentrification, blacks and Latinos are not hired to work in the incoming tech jobs. It’s all a set up. You figure factory and skilled labor jobs are down or outsourced. Big cities have subliminally figured out a way to get rid of us.

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    • We need to develop new skills then. Everything doesn’t have to be labor. Those are low skilled jobs and can do. Brain power is where the money os. There’s no excuse for anyone to not have anything in the modern era. Because know one needs another person to get ahead anymore. As long as the internet is here, we have a chance.

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  2. Great post!

    This reminds me of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense’s Ten Point Program. The 4th point was:

    “We Want Decent Housing Fit For The Shelter Of Human Beings.

    We believe that if the White (Capitalist) Landlords will not give decent housing to our Black community, then the housing and the land should be made into cooperatives so that our community, with government aid, can build and make decent housing for its people.”

    Housing should be a Human right, no debating.

    Hey Dave, I just got off the phone with Governor Jerry Brown. He told me to tell you that California does have housing for you: the prison cell. He said you are more than welcome to enjoy his hospitality, lmao.

    Jokes aside … that is what California thinks. Ronald Reagan was a demon bro. It took 100 years to build the first 9 prisons in CA, and then it took only 5 years to build the next 9 prisons during the Reagan presidency. At the same time, he was cutting funding for public housing. Throughout the country, there are about 3.5 million homeless people – and there are 18 million empty houses. The solution is literally right in front of us .. but because they lack the money, they have to be on the streets. And governments are cutting costs for shelters, too. Its brutal man , absolutely brutal.

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    • Yea it is brutal bro. That’s why I just want to plant seeds and try and wake people up. You will go broke if you aren’t paying attention. Sometimes you don’t know any better because know one taught you. It used to be, “each one teach one” but now everything is about self. Back home everyone is one pay check away from laying on those streets man. I love the Panthers. They were really cut from that cloth of black men who truly cared about the upward trajectory of our people

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  3. Sheds much more light on the issue. Doing the housing comparison with other states was ingenious. I LOVE New Orleans and I always feel at home there but they are still looking at a deserted lower 9th ward; many of those residents never made it back after Katrina in 2005.
    But, believe it or not, they actually had some folks trying to gentrify that area too. Excuse me if I already mentioned that in a previous comment. I guess I’m saying it again because I am still scratching my damn head at that.

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