The Youth Movement

Thanx Dave!

What do the Los Angeles Lakers, the Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Utah Jazz have in common? All three teams have young, talented, rosters— primed to be the New World Order in the West. The West is getting older and weaker under our noses. There is a real power shift going on that many may not be taking notice of. If you take a close look at the rosters, within the next three years, things will look so much different. The Spurs are at a crossroads with Tim Duncan being on the verge of retirement…Tony Parker being 35…Ginobli might as well get a walker and a track suit… The the only real youth on the team is 25-year old Kawhi Leonard.  Infact, most of the team is 31-years old and up. The OKC Thunder just took a huge blow losing Kevin Durant, and if Westbrook leaves, they’ll be cellar…

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