The Couch Sports Podcast Ep. 9




  1. Good stuff fellas. Ya’ll bounce off each other well.

    I didn’t know about Wifi at the stadiums. That is disgusting. Heaven forbid people are “detached” for more than a few minutes. People feel they have to be able to not only watch the game LIVE, but be able to upload it to their Facebook.

    And I like the point ya’ll made about Uber – as this goes hand and hand with gentrification and privatization. Uber is an absolute assault on public transportation and worker protections. Those drivers are paid less than minimum wage, have no health insurance, and are forced to foot the bill for car maintenance and insurance. But Uber appeals to all the hipsters who are gentrifying these areas because they can get a private ride at the drop of a hat. They think do not have to mingle with all the poor “filthy” people on the city bus. So the day will come, I fear, when everyone will be forced to pay $10 to travel across town as opposed to paying for $2 on the city bus.

    Instead of developing vacant land in some of these areas and building public housing – what do we do? We build malls or luxury housing. Smh.

    Keep it coming!

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    • You’re right about Uber, they are getting over, thru the magic of advertising and marketing. They make it look like a plus when it is indeed a negative. I did Uber for about a month in San Francisco, and quickly realized all the money I was spending on gas, and realizing how fast I would need brakes, and even a new transmission due to the hills of the city. The money doesn’t add up. As far as wifi in the stadiums, it’s frustrating seeing what’s going on within the sports landscape. Everything is going tech, and the product on the field/floor is getting worse. Especially football. The people want instant gratification from social media stimuli, and being social with fellow fans is going out the window man. It’s disgusting really.

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      • That’s exactly it: instant gratification. Consumer capitalism has made us a culture of infants who run around with diapers on our heads begging for our bottles every minute of the day. Everything has to be immediate: drive-thrus, fast food, minute rice, etc.

        I think this is part of the reason why baseball is no longer America’s pastime: it requires patience. Baseball has no time limits – that just wont fly with most folks..

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      • That’s why baseball is losing right now. Because of society. Crazy right? I think that’s why I’ve been so happy with the people we’ve met thru wordpress. It’s like meeting normal people again. It’s nothing like Facebook. If I didn’t need FB to promote our stuff I’d delete.

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