The Couch Sports Podcast Ep. 10




  1. Good show!

    Davis definitely does not belong in the Hall of Fame. He was a problem on that court, but its not like I was in a rush to have him on my fantasy basketball team. We haven’t seen Davis put work in since he threw that alley to Blake Griffin out the top of the whip in the dunk contest, lol.

    All of this team movement makes me nervous ya’ll. Teams are not only ways to ground a city’s economy – but they solidify a sense of city pride and identity. When they move to another area, this leaves a vacuum of sorts.

    Regarding the Raiders leaving and going to Vegas and another team coming to Oakland: I don’t have any facts, but there is certainly a precedent … in the NBA. The Hornets left Charlotte and went to New Orleans. And then Bob Johnson created the Bobcats in Charlotte (and then everything got shifted around … but you get my point, lol).

    Keep up the good work!

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    • Thanks bro! You right Baron probably didn’t do enough, injuries caught up too. Really because of his weight issues. In regards to teams leaving cities, it’s crazy because I feel as tho these owners strong arm citizens and whole cities. Billionaire owners getting free stadiums plus all the proceeds. The people get nothing. Everything that they say a stadium brings is a lie. Jobs, economic growth, all of it is a lie. We get all wrapped emotionally in out teams and lose sight of what’s real. It’s crazy.

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      • True. They call black women “welfare queens”, but no one ever talks about corporate welfare and the way WE bail them out and finance big projects only to be screwed.

        Its like the Olympics: in Rio, they built that big ass stadium which cost millions of dollars in public money. Now what? They had to demolish thousands of homes to build it, and the property values went up, forcing many people to move. The Olympics are a tool of gentrification. Every four years cities around the world bid to have it in their city – but why have we never stopped to consider: maybe we should just build ONE Olympic stadium and have it there, instead of destroying neighborhoods all over the globe.

        I am proud to say that my folks in Boston stood up to the Olympics being here and told them to go to hell.


      • Wow, I’ve never thought about it that way. You’re right the Olympics are a bidding war for gentrification. I’m never into the Olympics that much anyway, because a lot of times it’s hard for me to feel patriotic, let alone root for this country to win anything.

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      • I feel you. I always root against the USA in the Olympics, and cheer on the African/Caribbean teams lol. The patriotism is nauseating.

        It is not an accomplishment that the USA tends to win the most gold medals … we are the richest country – which means we can send more athletes, train more athletes, which means more gold medals. So all we are seeing on that Olympic stage is confirmation that the USA has a lot of economic power.

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