Real Black Power unlike Black Lives Matter.

Watch “News: Former Black Panther, Elaine Brown, Says BLM Has ‘Plantation Mentality'” on YouTube

You tell em sista. I 100% agree. It’s about time someone said it.

I’ll never understand what Black Lives Matter stands for. To me, it’s propaganda with no agenda. I grew up in San Francisco Ca. Which is 8 miles away from the birth of what REAL Black Power represents. The Black Panthers grass roots movement started in Oakland California. Growing up in the 80’s where the crack epidemic destroyed our communities, you had no choice but to learn who held communities together 20 years prior: The Black Panthers. Angela Davis, Huey Newton, Afeni Shakur, Bobby Seale, Eldredge Clever, Charles Barron (No relation, I wish), and Mumia-Abu Jamal were just a few of the names that helped and organized a whole world of Black. From free breakfast programs, to community education, to militant training, to aide, The Black Panther party represented what Black Power stood for. You couldn’t just say “Black Power” and be at the Nike store 10 mins later to stand in line to buy some Jordans. You couldn’t say “Black Power” and not donate your time to help out your community. Black Lives Matter fails the Black community on so many levels. It is lazy, keyboard activism that gives creditability passes to anyone wearing their stupid T-Shirts. How can Black Lives Matter protest something and 9 minutes later they are on their iPhone? You riot and loot your own communities when injustice is a foot and 2 weeks later you are back to square one. What is your goal? What is your plan? What type of infrastructure do you have on place? Who is your spokesman/woman? Who is the treasury? What principles do you have? Ethics? Morals? What brands of clothing should we stay away from? What’s your code of conduct? You guys see what I am getting at? You are saying that we as Black people are inferior to others. From a Legacy stand point, they have none. It’s a fad. The new rap group or latest trend.

These are the only Black Lives that Matter.





  1. Powerful my brother! There must be a plan and follow up and follow thru.

    When I think of the massive amounts of political and social capital that’s being wasted, I want to cry or kick someone’s a**, whichever comes first.

    I think back on The Million Man March. So much potential and capital generated, but no plan for, “what now?”…

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    • Lol I was just talking to my brother as you replied brotha ron. Yes there’s too much bark for me. To me saying Black Lives Matter is the equivalent of someone saying “I am not racist I have a black friend.” Like it’s a default I’m not a racist card. You ever watch the TV Show Blackish when Dre’s boss only donates to the NAACP just so he can say “Colored People” or he only donates to the United Negro College Fund, just so he can say “NEGRO” without having any guilt. Hahahah it’s kind of funny but that’s how I feel about the BLM movement.

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  2. LOL. Word bro, great post!

    I like the point about protesting and then being on their iPhones. The Black Panthers were full time – you could not be a partial revolutionary. There are faults to this, but there are also pearls of wisdom here. We see DeRay and Netta on Twitter all day long. They are ACTORvists.

    BLM is decaffeinated, deodorized, sanitized, pasteurized, kid tested, and mother approved. They sat down and had tea with Hillary Clinton. Really? This is a woman who helped destroy black families in the 90s. There is nothing to talk about – load the shotty up. DeRay over here taking selfies with Obama, and teaches BLM seminars … commodification of the movement. Its awful. BLM is a total non threat.

    The Panthers were financed by the people. BLM is financed by the Ford Foundation (who helped dilute black studies programs in colleges).

    Keep the fire coming my dude

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    • Thank you for your input and candor. Elderly black folks would tell me growing up that the reason Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated, is because JFK was trying to set him up to be president after his term. I mentioned this because BLM Has many political strings backing or financing them. Their whole agenda is distraction. Simple minded blacks will fall for this proverbial wool that they spew. There are problems besides police brutality that effect all of us on a global level. Haiti, Possible Nuclear War with Russia (WW3), manufactured diseases, The upcoming vacant seats in the Senate etc. I feel like BLM is a new age menstrual show.

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      • I agree! The Panthers were about self-defense, but they were also about building a community. They had a free breakfast program. They had free health clinics (deeply socialist). What is BLM doing beside staging protests? We need to build a community.

        BLM does take some global stuff into account – like the colonization of Palestine by Israel. But you are right, they are largely devoted to police brutality and not the totality of anti-blackness.

        What can we/should we do instead?

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      • The problem with BLM is its too inclusive of people. A lot of supporters can armchair support within the confides of their homes and not know the ins and outs of the black or African culture here in America. Programs, study halls, ethics, a code of conduct, a form of structure, agendas, all would need to be addressed. Where does the money go when celebrities donate to this makeshift group? What do they plan to do about unemployment within the Black communities? We were better off pre segregation where you had to support each other. Most people who are not Black can say “Black Lives Matter” and be down but they can go back to their communities. They are not denied business loans. They are not feared. It’s cute honestly when I see like a Lil Asian girl with a black Lives Matter to shirt on. I say to myself “hmmmm What would her grandmother think about her wearing that bullsh#t?” They need to realize with their “power” They could stop commerce in their tracks. Which is my reference to the iPhone comment. Can’t rock the Dashiki and 10 mins later be complaining at Starbucks about a latte. Need to be very minimal when possible with commercial spending.

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      • That was fire!

        I feel you! When Malcolm X came back from Mecca and started the Organization of Afro-American Unity and Muslim Mosque Incorporated, he said “whites can help us, but they cant join us”. Part of the reason was because of what you mentioned: blackness is the absolute bottom-line and other people are privileged. They do not understand or experience what we do. I agree. We need a movement that begins with blackness; focuses on black issues. The system has to change from the bottom, not the top. So black people have to organize and LEAD the revolution. Everybody else needs to get BEHIND us.

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      • It’s funny because it’s like I tell my white friends and colleagues that same sentiment. They always want to help or feel guilty. For me personally just acknowledge white privilege and get out of my way hahahahahha. Like there is nothing you can do to or for me. Just continue being a friend. The problem today is this thing we are using: The Internet. It creates a false pretence of what our culture is supposed to be. A lot of us were “Conditioned” to think that we are all equal and not to see color. Or the only color to see is green. We are constantly reminded of our heritage. We are Conditioned to behave a certain way in public. Women in the work place have to caution themselves when angered due to the “angry black woman” stigma. And I couldn’t agree more with the starying from the bottom. With the exception to a few celebrities, most of them are 1%ers who has wealth beyond means. Yes they might face racism, but it’s not like how we face racism (Except James Blake & Thabo Sefolosha)

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      • Absolutely my dude! You should do a blog on this. I like your point about the Internet creating a false pretense of what our culture is supposed to be. Through the Internet, we think we are all equal. I just got on social media 6 months ago – because I didn’t like the symbolic message that was being sent whereby poor black folks could create a Facebook page and post on the same forum with rich white people. The Internet helps sweep a lot of inequalities under the rug.

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  3. So then maybe the solution is for more mature Black leaders who have experience developing and implementing proven strategies that do effect change to work with these young people to provide them with some much needed direction.

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    • I think it’s too late for that. This generation does not want to learn nor be corrected nor can take constructive criticism. They need to be coddled. Imagine a strict militant environment with these kids like the Panthers. Hahahahahahahahahahaha you know how many of them would just quit. Half of these kids would not be saying BLM if their favorite rappers didn’t say it. The other half, meh.

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