Tareau’s list of 10 random Black films that you probably never heard of!

When it comes to Black cinema, the masses only knows us for buffonery (* cough Madea cough*), Slavery films, Civil Rights films or comedies. What about other genres? Bypass the Blaxsplotation films a lot of our films do not get the support it needs, even from its own people. Why can’t a black comedy or black thriller do well at the box office? Here’s a list of 10 random movies I love, that probably never seen your DVD player.

10. The Spook who sat by the door

Shout out to my homie Joey (Good Brotha) for introducing me to this film in 2005. The double entandra of spook (CIA agent and also a derogatory term for Blacks) is a good title. This film is about a CIA agent trying to organize teens to overtake the government. Check it out y’all!

9. JD’s Revenge

“What’s the matter baby, you don’t like my conk?” This movie is classic. Picture a soul brotha in the 70’s getting possessed by a ghost named JD Walker. Please watch this if you haven’t.

8. Love Jones

Love Jones is every Black ladies fantasy of my generation (that or love and basketball) hahahah. It stars Fine Ass Nia Long and some guy who beat me out of this role named Larenz Tate. You probably seen this movie a few times so I’m not going to tell you what it’s about 😁😁.

7. Blue Collar

One of my favorite Richard Pryor movie, this movie is about factory workers tired of “The Man” screwing them over. Once again shout out to Good Brotha for introducing me to this flick as well. 

6. Dear White People.

Brilliant movie about what many of us Blacks go through in college or just general questions White folks ask us. Very powerful, but funny as well.

5. Hav Plenty

My sisters best friend (Kobe) loves this movie. Obsessed with it even. It’s about a writer who is spending time with his best friend Haviland. I’m not going to give away what happens so check it out.

4. Black Coffee

thecouchsports.com founder “The Dave” schooled me to this film. It’s one of the most positive movies I’ve ever seen. And it has delicious eye candy (No ladies sorry I’m not in this one) 

3. Akeelah and the Bee

A young black girl who is competing to be the nation’s best speller? Sign me up right now. 

2. The Secret Life of Bees

Yes this one is riveting. A must see. Great cast, great story and it was very touching.

1. Osmosis Jones

Chris Rock stars in this animated film about a Rebellious Cell who doesn’t want to listen to the central command (your brain) My daughter and I would watch this film when she was a baby. I miss those days. Awwwww. 


See she was 3 in this pic and I had hair.
Well that’s just 10 random Black movies that no one really talks about. Mind you there are a bunch more. Until next time, stay thirsty my 



  1. Great list, brother! Only seen a few of these but want to check them all out. How about one born from a great book by one of our sisters, ‘Daughters of the Dust’, produced and directed by another sister, Julie Dash? Fantastic film.

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  2. Good list! You are right, I have never heard of most of these! I have only heard of Love Jones and the Bee one. You are spot-on about black cinema being reduced to slavery and non-sense Madea stuff. There are good films by African directors that never see the light of day.

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  3. Love Jones is my fav. I literally watch the DVD, yes I said DVD once a month. It used to be once a week. The others I’ve seen too, but you’re right when it comes to the breadth of Black films. Hopefully, people like Ava Duvernay can begin to film more creativity.

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    • Man I can’t wait to see 13th. Hopefully you’re right because it starts with us. If you’re (not you but generally speaking as a black community) tired of our actors/actresses getting overlooked then get out and support your own. Stop looking for White approval. Look at the Bollywood phenomenon. The Indians don’t care. They are supporting their own.

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      • I think you’re going to like it Tareau. I’m general, we have to stop seeking white approval and also stop trying to raise white consciousness as much as we currently do. Once we stop worrying about that, then we as a people will begin to soar 😉

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      • Hahahaha No way..my ok I’m a fair main and I love bargaining and trading so here’s what we will do. We will do a 70/30 split. You getting 70, but I want the following items
        The January 2004 week 1 of Jet Magazine
        The board game perfection
        Some homemade rice crispy treats
        A VHS copy of the movie PANTHER
        Some hot wheels that changes colors
        A crossbow
        And a pet occelet.

        Do we have a deal??

        Thank you for listening to us. I really appreciate it. Maybe I should get twitter. Sigh*

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      • lol 50/50 and how about a 2012 copy of Jet, original Monopoly before it got all fancy, zucchini bread (looking out for your health), a Black Panther starter kit (includes a copy of the ten point program), and a hawk to protect all of your goods 😂😂😂

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      • Seeing that I’m a bird watcher what kind of hawk are we talking about?? Red Tailed, Harris, Red shouldered, Northern Harrier, Merlin?? Lmao hahahah no 50/50 you came up with the idea. Ok counter offer…

        The thimble from original monopoly
        A Huey Newton poster
        Sista Soldiers pager number
        60/40 split
        And some royal crown grease??

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  4. I actually have the Love Jones and Black Coffee dvd’s. Love Jones is one of my favorites. Hav Plenty???? WOW!! You went way back.lol I haven’t seen that film in years. Blue Collar was a pretty funny film. The Spook that sat by the Door is really good! I bought this dvd a few years ago. Every black person needs to watch that film. It was very educational.

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      • Hahahahahaha. You wanna hear something crazy? I don’t mind Tyler Perry as a regular actor. I also loved his film called “Daddys little Girls” But seeing that “Daddy little girls” is about a positive Black single father, his audience did not support it which are mainly black women. I was salty about that

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      • Yeah that was one of the few films by Perry I actually liked. Why Did I get Married was pretty good too. But you’re right,Daddy’s Little Girls should’ve been a bigger hit. It was well done and had a positive message. I know a lot of guys that were salty about that lol

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