The Couch Sports Podcast Ep. 11




  1. Real talk, your assets are not supposed to go ON your ass!

    No, seriously, I went to school with a lot of rich white kids who wore tore up jeans with tattered Izods and drove their parent’s old station wagons.
    But that said, how bout they all came from millionaire families.
    None of them were ever flashy.
    Who was running around with the new Jordans, Polos and other expensive shit?
    I’ll let you guess.
    I hope you guys checked out Dr. Dennis Kimbro like I was telling y’all before.
    I promise y’all will love him.
    He’s on Youtube πŸ™‚ speaking about exactly what you guys are talking about. His last book was “The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires.”
    Years ago, he did the Black version of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.”
    Ok, let me get my ass of this soapbox.

    This needs to be called The Couch Sports and More podcast!
    You guys are telling the stone cold truth and it’s so refreshing.

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  2. Good podcast fellas, and thanks for the shout out. I just wanted to speak on an interesting point you made: it was argued that renters ruin areas, not homeowners. I would like to refute this argument and nuance it a bit.

    It is important to remember the origins of ownership in this country. The first form of ownership was whiteness. If you owned the “property” of whiteness, you could own private property. If you were Native American, you had no right to the property you had been living on, and you were killed or pushed West. If you were black, you could not own property and were treated AS property. So when we are having discussions about private ownership, we are really talking about white supremacy/anti-blackness.

    There has been discrimination in the housing market for decades. Black folks have been systematically barred from purchasing homes. Look at the 08 housing crisis: black folks were disproportionately given subprime mortgages, and were foreclosed upon. Therefore, blackness and “private ownership” are constantly in tension – because private ownership IS a white supremacist/anti-black concept from the beginning.

    Since black folks are least likely to obtain mortgages and are most likely to be foreclosed upon, we rely upon rental units. The goal of homeowners is to keep their property values high. Rentals are not seen as desirable – so Homeowner Associations often have ordinances prohibiting public housing/a certain number of apartments in their area.

    Seeing as homeowners are typically white and renters are disproportionately black, the idea that “renters” are destroying areas is just a polite, classist way of blaming black people. But this would be to overlook the ways capitalism, mass incarceration, and the lack of investment destroy areas. Landlords in the hood typically do not live there – they just collect their checks from a distance. They do not care about their tenants or the condition of the house. They do not maintain the landscape, or bother to give it a paint job. These areas are run down because landlords stop investing. Mass incarceration is another way of ruining an area by snatching away hundreds of thousands of folks, putting them in cages, and destroying their lives. Closing down public schools (50 in Chicago in black areas) is another way of destroying neighborhoods.

    The problem is not that Tyrone and Jamal who rent an apartment are spraying graffiti. That is minimal at the end of the day. The problem is the government green-lighting corporations to go overseas and stop giving Tyrone and Jamal a job to clothe and feed themselves. The problem is the government trying to save money and feeding Tyrone and Jamal poisoned water (like Flint). The problem are greedy landlords who oversee from a distance and do not have any connection to Tyrone and Jamal’s community. The problem is a government that would rather incarcerate Tyrone and Jamal than educate them. Renters do not ruin areas, capitalism does.

    So yeah , those are just a few of my thoughts in response, lol.

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    • To add a super late amendment – your point about black people always being positioned in industrial areas and near toxic chemical waste is really true. Black people are like bad pieces of furniture: we are either in the way (of gentrification) or too undesirable to be viewed (disinvestment of black areas). Its like Tupac’s song “Trapped” . We are trapped in genocidal conditions where there are more liquor stores and fast food joints than super markets. Tobacco companies target their ads to young black youth – because they know we have nothing to lose.

      Good stuff as always. This was probably my favorite podcast yet – as you can see – I’m typing chapters in response. Lol !

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    • LOL I’m glad we provoke this type of long retort. Thank you for listening and that was a well deserved shot out. You been one of the reasons we started messing with WordPress so heavy. We realized the people with similar thinking patterns are on here. But what I was saying was I completely understand the history and how we got to the neighborhoods most of us are in, but there’s opportunity everywhere and I run into too many who rather be “real niggas.” It hurts seeing foreigners, and everyone else come up and we sitting there. Not that I don’t see brothas and sistas getting on their job, but I see and been around too many who just don’t care. Plus with the internet you don’t need anyone to help you, or put you on. I grew up in kill zones, these cats care about the fast life more than anything. That’s why I want to concentrate on the youth. They’re going to be the change we want to see

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      • Thanks man, the love from you and Tareau are almost instrumental in keeping me on the Press. Real talk. Being on here has kept my sanity.

        I feel what you are saying about the “real niggas.” I see it all the time. Alot of young folks believe that being ignorant is cool. You can hear it in their voice : they say “I don’t know” with a sense of pride.

        I agree we should focus on the youth, especially because white society isn’t. They need compassion, and of course, some tough love. Alot of what Malcolm used to say about self hatred and what Farrakhan says today about being programmed to self-destruct are sadly true.

        Have you heard of Victor Rios? He is a former gang member in Oakland who became a professor. He wrote are book based on 40 interviews with black and end Latino boys in gangs in Oakland. I have a blog planned for tomorrow or maybe Friday explaining the fast life you mentioned, what it means to the youth, and why they do it (not an excuse, but we should understand their reasoning). This fits nicely with what your podcast was addressing, and presents an alternative perspective that we never really hear.

        I will send you the link when I drop it – as I would love to have your thoughts on it!

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      • That reminds me of the Chris Rock line, “Niggas love to not know!” Please send me the link after you drop it. For whatever reason when anyone I follow post anything I rarely get notified. I find it odd. I’ll check out Mr. Rios, sounds worth it. The youth do need compassion and tough love, because so many are growing up without guidance , and being raised by television, rappers, and street cats

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