Jazz vs Blazers Opening Night. Quick insight 

Tareau Barron’s prediction for MVP this season went off last night. (No, not you Kawhi Leonard). I’m talking about Brookfield’s own  (East Oakland Y’all) Damien Lillard. So, you are just going to ignore the Trail Blazers, right? Good. I’m glad. As you know I’m a die hard Warrior’s fan 2nd but I am a die hard NBA fan 1st. I’ll watch any NBA game. The reason why I feel like Dame Dolla, will win MVP is well because of you folks! What? What do you mean? Well the NBA is a popularity contest and while everyone is fixated in the Warriors or Cavs right now, real basketball is being played around the country. It’s our job at thecouchsports.com to give love. Yes we talk about your top athletes in sports but, one of today’s problem in society is, everything is a popularity contest. No one pays attention to underrated things until a certain celebrity gets a hold to it or until something goes viral. Dame is playing mad. Can you figure out why?  *cough allstar snub cougholympic snub cough* all NBA 1st team snub cough* excuse me. Anyways, enough of my rant. 
Last night the Portland Trail Blazers had their season opener and man Dame went off. 39 pts, 9 rebs, 6 ast, 13/20 from the field, 4/6 from deep with only 4 turnovers. His backcourt counterpart CJ McCollum contributed 25 pts. The surprise for me was the $85 million dollar bench player, Allan Crabbe who had 18pts, 3ast, 3 reb.  (So thats what a bidding war gets ya, for $85 million huh.) The Blazers played excellent team basketball. They defeated a depleted Jazz team whose banged up right now. Iso Joe, (Joe Johnson) went off as well scoring 29 pts on 12/16 shooting. My candidate for most improve if he continues to start (Rodney Hood) had a monster game also. He contributed 26 pts. 

I’m rooting for ya RIP City.




  1. In a conference with Westbrook, Curry, Paul…nobody really mentions Lillard. He’s good in his own right but his team will have to damn near win 60 in the Western Conference to get the respect. Either that or : Make the WCF, take GSW/SAS to 7 games in the playoffs.

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    • They will get the wins. It’s not about respect anymore it’s about how the media pushes certain players for marketing purposes. I’m actually working on a list of underrated NBA players in my life time who didn’t get live because of popularity

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