Book I’m reading Pt. 1

I get inspired by reading on a daily basis. So what I am going to do is talk about the current books I’m reading. One by one you, as a reader will get to know me more. As of right now, I am reading: 

Mansa Musa and the Empire Of Mali     By P.James Oliver
It’s about Mansa (Emperor) Musa. The 14th century ruler of what is present day Mali. He inherited the empire after his Uncle became lost at sea, (allegedly reaching what is today North America way before that crook and murderer Christopher Columbus) I will let you know when I finish this book. 

Haha look at me being Lazy at work. What books are you currently reading?? Stay thirsty my friends



  1. That book looks interesting! Glad to be in contact with someone else interested in African history!

    At present, I am reading “Intercourse” by Andrea Dworkin – its a radical feminist text about the way we need a new sexual ethic.

    Yeah bro – keep us posted on that book

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