The Couch Sports Podcast Ep. 13




  1. I’m not sure if you all really want people to clap back or not about the podcast, but you know I usually have a lot to say, so here’s my $.02. Love this one…as usual. But I think David asked why people still do things that they know are bad for them (e.g., eat McDs when it’s 40% meat)? I learned a term a few years ago called “willful ignorance.” It’s basically where you know something isn’t right, but you participate/contribute anyway. Here’s a link my dears:

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  2. Another great one! I have a philosophy which states; “People will take as much bulls**t, as dollars per hour they make”.

    Saying, in essence, that the more money a person is paid, the more they’ll smile and pretend all is well. But the opposite is just as true.

    Congeniality, happiness–feigned or real–positivity etc, is directly proportional to MONEY received for services.

    That’s why you never see a happy Burger King employee.

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    • Wow, that’s a great philosophy! I need to remember that one. It’s very very true. Sums everything up in a nutshell too! You never see happy minimum wage workers, and I think schools should do a better job teaching kids about the roads they will go down, due to poor decision making. Namely not caring about school

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