Haley and Daisy by Tareau Barron

*Warning, the following poem contains adult content*

It’s Deja Vu
With every woman I dated
“He’s a no good nigga!”
But you let him deeply penetrated

While I’m confused you
Constantly reiterated
Essence of him on your skin
Every time I see you naked

If he’s a dog, you’re a female which makes you feel complacent
Refuse to call that word but you put boss in front of it so adjacent

I try to plan for our future by saving for a vacation
You still love him, you compare us, very indirectly and blantent

A weak man, sexually frustrated, and impatient
She takes my kindness for weakness, now that’s a messy situation

While I keep coming back, no pun intended I stay flagrant,
With an exodus plan, that disappears when her clothes hit the pavement

Stuck in this Conundrum, I vaguely remember Haley
Who predicted my downfall would be this b@#%$ Daisy

Haley is sweet, empathetic,
curvy and lazy,
While Daisy is loud, rambunctious, promiscuous, and shady

Reminiscent on the last time I was at  peace with my ladies
A constant battle, arms pulled,
love vs lust, am I crazy?

Sleeping with 2 woman,
Menage Trois are daily
Bipolar she is, SPOILER ALERT



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