The Couch Sports Podcast Ep. 14





  1. Besides being informative, these podcasts can easily be tagged with the word “comedy. ”
    Y’all got, ‘hella’ jokes πŸ™‚
    Make sure to tag future posts as such! LOL!!!

    And you know I love your Lady G mentions πŸ™‚ Thank you πŸ™‚

    Tareau, Imma need to know more about that cookie paste. LOL!!!
    Are you talking about ‘Biscoff?’
    If so, I cosign…That shit is ‘hella’ good!

    BTW, I love the way y’all use the word ‘hella.’

    Also, I hollered when Tareau said the white girl got on the bus talking about “Allstar!!!” and you said “I see your coonery and I raise you…” I died! (Forgive me if that was in a different episode, I’ve been listening to you guys off and on all morning trying to catch up πŸ™‚

    Dave, to your point about making money, I agree with your belief on using the internet.
    Look at sites like Fiverr where you can sell small services starting at five bucks and increase from there.

    One of my closest friends from Jamaica used to say, “Walking ’round looking for something beats sitting ’round waiting for nothing.” Or, y’all know my favorite quote from my Southern homeboys, “Get up, get out, and get somethin.'”

    Enjoyed it!

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  2. It’s disheartening that the WORLD, especially the White World, assumes that the strereotypical images of Black people, portrayed in the media, are often ALL they see, or choose to see of us.

    You guys are good, but you’re wrong about BET, it should actually be JET. Jewish Entertainment Television.

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