Detroit is Beautiful

Over the last couple of months of exploring my new host city, I’ve heard the negative comments, from those in the suburbs, as well as those back home. From people who have never been to Detroit, and those who hate it for one reason or the other. What I’ve found is, people just want to have something to say. And I’m glad I don’t listen. We have traveled around and I have taken many flicks of all the beauty Detroit has to offer. This is me, celebrating the positive of beautiful Detroit, MI. [95 % of the pics I took myself, can you guess which ones aren’t mine?]


Lets get on the 94 and explore…






Woodward avenue (M-1) is a main thoroughfare with a lot of historical buildings to look at. Excuse the construction. They are building a light rail. And this is where your Detroit teams play. [Pistons coming soon]



A closer look at Woodward while the sun sets

Woodward [net].jpg



I’m sure many of you watched Martin growing up. This was the building it “took place” in. 2900 Jefferson ave.






Downtown Detroit [The Guardian Building]

Building downtown.jpg


it’s beautiful inside

Inside the Guardian.jpg



Inside twice.jpg


Front of the GM buildings via Jefferson ave



Comerica Park during the Day

Comerica [day].jpg


Comerica Park at dusk

Comerica [night].jpg


Belle Isle

Belle Fountain.jpg


Airial view Belle Isle.jpg



Cadillac Square

Cadillac Square.jpg


The Lac.jpg




Wayne county courthouse.  Historical buildings astound me

Court house.jpg


Greektown is awesome. Food, Casinos, and a popular hang out spot.



Eastern Market is the ish man! It’s crackin’ every Saturday

Eastern Market Map.jpg


Veggies, Fruit, plants, clothing, coffee and a whole lot more! They have what you need!

Inside Eastern Market.jpg



Outside of Eastern Market

Outside EM.jpg



Yes you’re reading that correctly, the MGM Grand




The Spirit of Detroit

Spirit of Detroit.jpg


The Fist of Joe Louis

Joe Louis Fist.jpg


Goodnight from The D

Detroit Skyline.jpg


To be continued…






    • I get it, but you have to take that chance. I’m from Oakland, my wife is from San Jose, we had never been to Detroit until about 5 months ago. Maybe 6. We had to depend on the dreaded Google maps, and we left any neighborhood that felt uncomfortable. We’ve been living here since August 18th. It’s just a bigger Oakland. A place with a stigma, yet a lot of beauty and potential

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  1. My hubby is from the D, so I’ll have to tell him about this and your move. I absolutely have little appreciation, mainly because I was born and raised in Chicago. However, you’ve made me nostalgic (a little). We used to live off Woodward, off of 3rd street, in the New Center area. MLK is the first school I taught at. I had a friend who lived in the “Martin building” lol Those pictures are very nice. I hope I don’t digress too much, but a lot of what you and Tareau discuss in your podcasts is what happened to Detroit. It was run by Mayor Coleman, a black man for YEARS, which drove out all of the white people to the surrounding suburbs, leaving exactly what people think they want, all black city. However, the consequences were also few resources, couple that with the housing bubble bursting and the fraudulent school system, and well, there you have it.

    I commend you and your wife for moving there and I look forward to hearing what else you observe.

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    • Thank you Sita Garland. For listening as well as clicking on any piece(s) we do. The “Martin Apartments” are kind of nice. Very pricey tho. I was wondering if people ever came over there thinking the show was really filmed there. They are really busy on Woodward right now, and they are building this place up. I like thinking about what it can be. We just got another house near New Center. In the Atkinson Historic District, around the corner from The Boston Edison Historic District. I actually want to go to Chicago, I hear it’s beautiful. I need to find someone from there first, show us around. Anyhow, there is so much potential here, and I wish as a people we could make this place a black mecca, but I definitely meet enough people everyday who aren’t thinking about that. Maybe when I join toastmasters. Thank you for checking out this article, hope your husband likes it as well.

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      • Oh wow! And yes, you’ll enjoy Chicago. But most definitely have somebody with you, especially nowadays. I do think Detroit can grow with people like you who have fresh eyes. There’s an overwhelming sense of pride there, but not a lot of forward movement.

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      • Yes nowadays you need a tour guide. Sad but true. Yes there is so much pride here, despite how much some complain about weather, or crime, or anything there is so much pride, and I love it. think the overwhelming majority of people coming in buying houses and wanting to develop neighborhoods will get people moving about their city.

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  2. Screaming at the top of my lungs…..Detroit has so much potential and if done correctly, offers so much opportunity!!! It’s a shame that most won’t see it until it becomes yet another high priced, metropolitan city that out-prices the people who don’t have the forethought to purchase and fix while they can. Consider this your, “Get It Together”, warning. I witnessed it in San Jose, Sacramento, Oakland, Los Angeles and in Las Vegas…GENTRIFICATION is here.

    On a lighter note…. It feels like I just got a mini tour of our new home. Great job!!!!
    @Tareau…. You are gonna love it.

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