The Couch Sports Ep. 15




  1. If we can define the root of the problem, we can start working on resolving it.

    The “Jordan’s Syndrome” is not ENTIRELY new.

    I agree with you guys that the obvious problem is that “We” have poor money management skills.

    We prioritize image over substance.

    The Jordan’s Syndrome began immediately after slavery. Freed slaves had no idea what true freedom was. All they knew of freedom was what freedom appeared to be.

    The only image they had of freedom were the few Freeman they had seen and the Whites.

    Being a visual people, they felt that to be ” free” was to immulate those free people they’d seen. They felt that looking like those free men would fill their desire to attain true freedom.

    They bedecked themselves with the trappings of the free men they’d observed, at the expense of establishing a real firm financial base.

    Over the years this tendency has developed into the propensity for some of our people to value the trappings of freedom over real financial freedom, which is based in financial responsibility.

    This propensity has been and still is, being exploited by the Jordans of the world.

    Those in our community who understand this needed to mentor those who do not. ( see my theory on “Shortened Generations)

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    • Right, and that’s why I want to work with the youth, and hopefully change some mindstates and plant seeds. It’s about others being receptive to knowledge as well, especially the young. Then future generations can do great things. The fight is economical to me, and if that’s the new game plan, we’re definitely headed in the right direction

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