Get off my Lawn!

Big men taking charges,




Everyone is flopping,


What’s happening to my beloved NBA?


When European players entered the NBA, and I mean in real force, back in the mid 90’s — to the early 2000’s, you could see a change. Some positive — such as spacing, an emphasis on bigs who could shoot, versatility with the pick and pop.

Unfortunately for those from that side of the globe they were labeled soft, mainly because of a single trait that infected the league —flopping. 

Flopping is like finding a loophole that gets you out of a jam, then suddenly, everyone exploits that same loophole for their personal gain. I feel a sense of embarrassment every time I see players do it. The funniest part, is witnessing players act tough, as though they  want to fight, 2 minutes after going down like they were hit by a sniper round.

 I can’t even blame the new generation (you’re off the hook…for today), this has been going on for a few years. 

Exhibit A


Hell, the face of the league flops on a regular basis! How do you think this goes over with up and coming players trying to make it to this level? It influences them. When you think you’re close to your dreams you do whatever it takes to make it — including the things that are regular in your industry.


Exhibit Bparker-flop

Again this has been a problem. 


Players over 6’7 taking charges. When did that start? 

Am I wrong for not looking at this trend as a sophisticated way of playing defense? As strategy? Am I a caveman for missing the days when men played like men? It’s similar to the real world, where men don’t know how to do things around the house, or even change a flat tire because they’re too busy trying to impress others with their wardrobe, or snapping pictures of their food.


Why can’t you just except change?blake

I’m trying. Forgive me for being slow at excepting that—which I don’t like.

Dearly Beloved.jpg 

I’m getting there. Basketball will forever be my first love, I just want the younger generations to know what good ball looks like. Am I wrong? 

In fairness to “strategist” the following is just as bad, and needs to be addressed:

Bad offense.jpg

To the untrained eye, you may not see it. But the biggest issue in the NBA is everyone standing at the three point line. Most of whom, can’t even shoot! Steph Curry makes it look so fun, I know. But now everyone is a shooter. Or so they think. We have a handful of players great at many phases of the game, and many players good at one thing—but are in denial— for the world to see!

Ok maybe I’m being old man Dave. All unappreciative and such. I’m not denying the incredible athleticism… you know what, fuck this new generation and their bullshit.  


Peace ✌🏿





  1. Lmfao, that was when Grandpa Simpson wanted that picture to be on his drivers license. Lmfao that is something you would do to. Walk into the DMV and be like, “here put this on my license”

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