Remember When?

Thanx Dave!

Jim Brown, Arthur Ashe, Lew Alcindor(Kareem Abdul Jabbar), Muhammed Ali, Bill Russell.
The who’s who of the sports wing from the civil rights movement. Back then, when it came to the fight/and or plight of civil rights; you were either in it (all the way), or you were out (the opposition). These were serious times, if you don’t know any better ask your grandparents. Some of us can ask our own parents what it was like. As a professional athlete in those turbulent times—there was no, turn your warm up shirt inside out, then throw it on the floor— only to continue to play for a racist team owner. No. You sat out games to prove a point. If players felt injustice was afoot, they stood up like men, and hit the oppressor(s) where it hurt most. Their pockets. Human dignity should always come before anyones bottom line. You had to…

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