The Couch Sports Podcast Ep. 17

Maybe the most random and funniest episode yet! Enjoy!




  1. You really put your pic smack dab in the middle yo?! Lmao I feel like if the edges were a bit refined, you could pull it off and one of these youngsters would never know the differences lol

    Good show fellas! I feel you on the driving and the traffic Dave. Massachusetts has some of the worst drivers in the country. All State, the car insurance providers, straight dropped the state a while back lol. They said fuck it lol. Drivers in Boston do dumb stuff like: there will be a road with 4 lanes. The left most-lane will be turning left. There will be a driver in the right-most lane that decides, last minute, they want to hit that right. Instead of going straight and turning left a couple of blocks up ahead .. they just cut off THREE lanes of traffic. And they do it with a sense of arrogance – they roll their window down and give everyone the middle finger in the process. Its wild man lol. You said you did Uber? Shit … sounds like drivers in Detroit and Boston really need a raise yo lol

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    • Lmao! I couldn’t figure out how to define those edges, it was killing me. Yea when I did Uber, it was in San Francisco. Don’t think I’d do it again. Not even here. I may go drive a bus again to help find all these projects we have going on. The way you describe drivers on Boston sounds similar to the drivers here. And it feels like you never see those type of drivers getting tickets. Thanks for listening and putting up with the randomness of this episode.

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  2. I’m behind on reading blogs and listening to podcasts, so I just listened to this one. Tareau! I’m sorry to hear you were in an accident, but the whole beginning of this podcast was hilarious. Hope you’re feeling better.

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