Top 9 Point Guards (Remix)


I’m reconfiguring this list. A lot has changed since the first February. Certain players have proven me wrong, where a certain player proved he wasn’t worth the spot I gave him. I’m talking to you Mr. Choke twice in the Finals. Link to the orginal post is here


After tossing and turning over making this list, who would be on this list, and preparing for the arguments that ensue after list such as these, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. This is a topic of conversation, amongst NBA purest and casual fans alike. Especially those of you like me who love the point guard position. Whatever you choose to call them…Floor Generals…The Quarterback of basketball… or an extension of the coach; A point guard has many responsibilities. A few of these would be, establishing tempo, getting teammates going,  knowing when to pass and when to shoot, calling plays, and making sure everyone is doing their job. So, I put together a list of nine, I feel are the best at the position. With criteria that includes: Impact on the game, stats (including turnovers), are you a legitimate threat? Meaning can you pass and score, not just one or the other.  Finally, how would your team fair without you. So without further a due: My top 9 Point Guards….



Reggie Jackson
9. Reggie Jackson 

Reggie Jackson…. How much Detroit misses thee. The absence of a real floor general is evident here. Yes Ish Smith is doing a serviceable job during Reggie’s injury, but he’s not Reggie.  In his first full season as the Pistons floor general, Reggie averaged 19 points per game, and just over 6 assist. Wanting a Starting role in OKC, and the Thunder not willing to grant his wish he was eventually Traded to Detroit were he blossomed. Proving he was worthy to lead, the Pistons rewarded him with a 5yr extension, and neither he nor Detroit has looked back.  I would like to put him higher, and maybe I will down the line but he has to get his assist numbers up.


8. Isaiah Thomas 

Isaiah Thomas went from the last pick in the 2011 draft (by a terribly run franchise), to not being wanted by said terrible franchise, then Signing with an equally as bad franchise. Thomas is safe now with the Celtics, and had a career year and was in his first Allstar game February 14. Averaging 21.5 ppg, 3.0 rebs, and 6.6 ast this season, Thomas and his underrated Celtics are currently sitting in 4th place in the Eastern Conference. If you don’t watch much basketball, Isaiah is 5’9 and all heart. Capable of knocking down outside shots, and definitely not afraid to go inside with the trees. I was hoping he would eventually land with a competent organization and have the year he’s currently having. He’s been one of my favorite players to watch since entering the league and soon he’ll be a house hold name.



7. John Wall


Why isn’t John Wall higher on the list? For the record I wanted him to be. Leading the league in turnovers (5.3) and your team being 1-5 in the weak Eastern Conference doesn’t help. However he’s third in the league in assist (10.7), and he’s usually in the top 10 in every major category amongst point guards. The turnovers could be attributed to having the ball in his hands so much, since he may be the only true playmaker on the Wizards. With Bradley Beal seeming to always get hurt, and the Wizards brass never supplying him with real help,  John maybe the Eastern Conference version of Anthony Davis:  A dynamic player stuck on a team of underachievers and injury prone players. Until GM Ernie Grunfeld surrounds him with some talent or grants his freedom, let’s enjoy the must see TV that is John Wall.



6. Kyle Lowry 


If one word describes Kyle Lowry it would be “transformation”. In the 14-15 season Kyle’s numbers tailed off. In the playoffs it was evident he ran out of gas. So in the offseason Lowry Transformed his body. The new and improved slim Kyle Lowry lit up the NBA,  and led the Toronto Raptors to the Eastern Conference Finals.


5. Chris Paul

Chris  Paul has been Mr. Consistency for 11 years. Yes I said 11. Let that sink in. He’s been the gold standard for most of those years. Paul has essentially been this generations John Stockton. His numbers were slightly down last season, but were fairly close to his career averages. But he finally has enough talent around him to where he doesn’t have to do everything himself. He is King of the Mid-Range, a passing wizard, and a magician with his ball handling. Cp3’s game is tailor made for longevity. He may not be the fastest, nor the strongest, nor does he have a 40 inch vertical. But he’s still the best PURE point guard in terms of running a team.



Golden State Warriors v Boston Celtics
4. Stephen Curry

Reigning back to back MVP, long distant sniper extraordinaire, and the face of Under Armor. On the last list I had him at #1. Then he choked his way through the Finals for the second year in a row. And his game really hasn’t changed much from last year. So to #4 he goes.



NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Portland Trail Blazers
3. Damian Lillard 

Who has had to do more with less last season? The Blazers looked like they were on the verge of being Western Conference dweller cellars at the start of last season. However Dame did what he’s been doing his entire life; prove people wrong. Lillard signed a new contract with Portland before last season, and got in the gym.  Snubbed from an Allstar spot because certain players got life time achievement award votes *cough* kobe *cough* Good news is Lillard is only 26, with plenty in the tank. He’ll have plenty of Allstar berths, and plenty more seasons to make Portland and the great city of Oakland, CA proud.



2. Russell Westbrook

The walking triple double himself comes in at number #2. One of the most feared players in the Association, he may come down the lane and tomahawk on you, he may shake you out your socks, and he can knock down the jumper from any distance. No K.D. No problem! Russ may be holding a MVP trophy when this season is over.


1. Kyrie Irving

Best handles in the Association. Maybe the best signature shoe in the NBA. Apart of NBA history! His performance in the NBA Finals was undoubtedly spectacular, ask Steph Curry. Only thing he needs to do now is get his assist numbers up, but that’s coming, and when it does, he’ll truly be the most unguardable player in the League.






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