The Couch Sports Podcast Ep. 19

The Couch Cups!.jpg



  1. Dave, you are such a smart and sensible person, how do you tolerate that joker Tareau?
    Up there threatening to harass and harangue the bird people at the zoo!
    Tareau: “Why are there no birds of prey here?”
    Oh, and since we’re on the topic of birds, Lady G is terrified of pterodactyls. The idea of a flying ass little dinosaur scares the shit out of me 🙂
    Also, Tareau, stop being so damned greedy!
    Dave: “Every time I’m in the kitchen you in the kitchen eating up all the Church’s and Allspice Croissants!”
    Always fun and informative to listen to you two!

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  2. Hey I’m on vacation and I get the biggest pass in the world. I will respond more on podcast 20. I appreciate the harassment I mean love hahahahahahaha.

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