My glutinous vacation to Detroit FAT MAN T

I deserved a vacation. It’s been 5 years since. Wow 5 years. Considering all the drama this year in my life, it was time to go away. You’re probably thinking, “Who in the hell picks Detroit for a vacay?” Well I do sir/madam. I had to see a city that was predominantly Black. You have to understand the economic factors on why Detroit gets a bad name. Hell even on Robocob, they foreseen the problem with the police. Also consider that America’s infatuation with imports caused Motor city to fall. Not to mention Kwame Kilpatrick the Hip hop mayor. After him was Hall of fame basketball player Dave Bing. He tried his hardest but got so much resistant from the Governor of Michigan. (Kinda synonymous with the Flint water Crisis). So yes the D, has a lot of fucked up, dilapidated houses that look like a war zone but, you can’t judge a city from a few bad neighborhoods. You can actually by those homes for $500 and get a big plot of land. There is a lot of Black pride in Detroit. Let me reiterate: There is a lot of BLACK PRIDE IN DETROIT. It felt good to see so many black people working together.

I will have alot of photos so try and keep up. But 1st. Please don’t ever fly Frontier Airlines. They suck. Really bad. They charge for carry ons and their seats are uncomfortable.

Tareau with founder Dave and his Wife Kisha. That’s right Dave and I are 1st cousin’s. So we went to this cafe in Inkster (I forgot the name because I was being a complete fat ass.) I ordered the French Toast. Good French toast requires no syrup or butter. I am a French toast expert. And that French toast was yummy. Yea a black man can say yummy. You wanna fight about it?? Moving on.

These next pics are from the Detroit zoo. I was being semi petty because Julie, the lovely lady who we purchased our tickets from, said that the penguin exhibit was the greatest penguin exhibit ever. So I was hating the whole time. I wanted to give her feedback on the average exhibit. But Kisha and Dave convinced me otherwise.

The gorillas scared Kisha because she got to close to the glass. I just missed it with the video feature.

On our way to downtown Detroit my hungry ass was being Hella black and wanted some churches chicken. Worst move ever. Bullet proof glass, with a bad attitude cashier and nasty ass biscuits. The biscuits tasted like sewage. Ewwww. I found a donut spot that is owned by the late great J.Dilla’s uncle, called Dilla Delights.  J. Dilla passed away due to lupus back in 2006. One of the greatest hip hop producers ever. We also took pictures and signed the Phife Dog shirt that is in Dilla’s Donuts. My dumbass forgot my chocolate custard donut, but I snuck some of Dave’s and Kisha’s. We also took pics in front of Comerica Park and FORD’S FIELD. Also the statue of Barry Sanders and other great scenery from downtown.

The tiger looks like a real brotha. Like what’s up home slice

I take Kanye Pics sometimes. I really am having a good time. I just like fucking with people.

Notice how in the majority of pictures my fat ass has a drink or something to eat. Hahahaha. Oh btw you have to try this soda called Vernors.

We don’t have that here in the Bay area. Later that day we went to a Mall and I bought some delicious turkey sausage and white cheddar cheese. A mall Santa photo bombed us.

That night Dave and I went to Kroger to be fat asses. Because they are health nuts FAT MAN T had to buy some new millennium snacks. here’s what I bought…. 1/2 gallon of milk, 3 boxes of white cheddar cheez its grooves, 2 bags of cinnabun oreo cookies, and a box of entanmens donuts. Can’t nobody out snack me. If you think so, you know how to find me. hahahaha.

The next day we just chilled and was being lazy. We went bowling and I kicked ass of course. Afterwards we went to white castles. I’ve never had whitecastles because we don’t have em here. Mind u, I dont eat pork or beef but I’m on vacation sooooooooooo

Tareau’s name was WILLIE MAKEIT, Kisha’s was Mrs. ALLEN and Dave’s Was THE DAVE. As you can see WM (Williemakeit) won

The next day was my last day in Detroit. we went to Eastern Market which is a marketplace with fresh produce every Saturday morning. We arrived at 700am and it was 27° F when we left. I was freezing. The hoy apple cider, the hot cocoa, the brioche, the heath bar donuts, ohhh man can you say diabeticnfood coma???Eastern Market is near downtown and Detroit has some beautiful murals y’all. Check em out

This is a very power piece for me. I wish I could buy this as a tapestry

We also stopped by Jalen Rose’s leadership Academy. Jalen Rose is someone who I respect and I hope to meet him. Here is Fat Man T in front of his school.

We also have to acknowledge Detroit skyline

And here I am on the floor which is my spot in basement

I’m really going to miss you rock city.

Now a new Era begins. I’ve gained 10lbs from eating all the bad food.My body is pissed of at my mind for over indulging. I did not eat no fruit nor veggie. It’s back to work peeps. I’m 252lbs and although I’ll never be this guy again….

I can at least start back into my workout regime and programs and stop being so God dam lazy. I went to play basketball today and ate a healthy dinner. You know I had a good game, even missed a dunk in warm ups. I don’t remember the last time I dunked a basketball, oh wait yes I do

(Copy and Paste)

Well what do y’all think? Please leave your feedback. Dammit I just realized that Mitchell’s ICE CREAM started selling their award winning egg nog. Dammmmm will power.

Till next time, peace and stay thirsty friends



  1. Tareau! You had so much fun that you almost convinced me to like Detroit!!! Seriously though, you looked like you had an overload of food, but I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Two little known KG facts: (1) My first job was at White Castle (in Chicago) and (2) I LOVE Churches Chicken…like LOVE it! Glad to see you enjoyed yourself 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. I think if everyone went into that mindset, they would enjoy it too. You have to know that it’s pretty. Yea there’s alot of crime and abandoned buildings but you can’t judge a whole city off of that. I saw hope and pride. I also loved how Detroiters get to the damn point. There’s no euphemism. Hahahahahha.

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  2. Detroit, Michigan has really been on my mind for some reason. It is allegedly known for it’s blackness. It is an overwhelmingly black city that has a lot of potential for blacks to go there and form businesses and purchased land. I say in the next 5-8 years, the city will be completely gentrified. Trump is allegedly targeting these urban cities and giving companies incentives to move there. That can be the beginning of some white workers in predominantly white unions to move there. Idk, just brainstorming, but those pics are awesome. I’m happy you enjoyed yourself Tareau.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for reading. What’s scary is, from your most recent posts, it’s like the book “Black Labor White Wealth” is coming really into fruition. And I’m only in the beginning. Yea I know you live in so Cal so I don’t know if there’s any predominantly Black neighborhoods that aren’t labeled hoods, ghettos, or blocks, but here in northern California, there are no Middle class black neighborhoods. Are there any in so Cal? Deteoit has several. Detroit, Memphis, Atlanta, Charlotte etc they all have great black neighborhoods.

      Liked by 2 people

      • In California there is two. Rancho Dominguez Compton, California. That is the good side of Compton that no one ever speaks about on TV. Carson, California is another heavily black populated city with working class blacks. Inglewood, California has a section near Crenshaw called Morningside Park, beautiful neighborhood located near the fabulous forum where the Lakers used to play, and near the new LA Rams stadium. There is another part of Los Angeles California where blacks have annual “Taste of soul” called Leimert Park. Leimert Park and Windsor Hills are heavily black populated. But middle-class is a tricky word to me. The areas all.mentioned above are all upper class black neighborhoods. The middle class blacks live in the hood part of the cities I mentioned, the upper class blacks actually live there.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Yea I’ve been to Dominguez before, that’s where Tyson Chandler went to high school. That taste of soul sounds excellent, what time of year is it at?

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  3. Ooh Tareau you so cute with your greedy ass!
    You got the nerve to drink 2% milk with all them damn cookies and donuts! LOL!
    Naw, jk, so happy to see a black family having a good time while prospering✨
    Y’all got it going on!

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  4. Fantastic post, man. You got me thinking about Detroit now too. Also got me thinking about a vacation, something I’ve not had in almost seven years… Sigh…

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  5. Glad you are enjoying your vacation! Well deserved bro! Good to see you and Dave together.

    I need in on those Africa Air Max’s! That indigenous art was fire, and I am jealous that there is no Church’s chicken on the East Coast (at least not near me).

    I will dust you off in basketball, though bro!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwwwwww ok bring it brotha Daryl. Yea I found those on they cost $130 and that’s with tax and shipping. Yes I had a blast on vacay.

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  6. “I was being semi petty because Julie, the lovely lady who we purchased our tickets from, said that the penguin exhibit was the greatest penguin exhibit ever. So I was hating the whole time. I wanted to give her feedback on the average exhibit.” This line had me weak. You are a funny dude. You had me re-evaluate some things. Houses going for 500 hundred dollars a pop? We need to invest before the gentrification goes into full effect. It’s happening all over the country.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yea right on for the love. I appreciate every view we can get. Lmfao yea she Hella hyped up the penguin exhibit. Hahahaha. Yea Detroit has potential and there’s a lot of Black pride. I just hope black folks can disassociate themselves from other races and buckle down and do the dam thang. For me, it’s something ancestral, something primitive is letting me know that this is what WE have to do.

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