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What’s up people. Tareau here live from thecouchsports.com. As a lot of you know I have 3 children. My twin sons are autistic. Yes it’s a challenge for a variety of reasons but the reward is worth the struggle. I will talk more about autism in the near future but I wanted to share this with you. Here Rayquan is in his room, and he doesn’t want to share. Please watch till the end, what he says is priceless. I’m Hella petty though hahahaha.

If you know anybody or anyone who has autism or that is affected by autism, please understand what they go through in a day to day basis. The world is a dangerous place for the special needs and disabled. There is the general populous who don’t want to help, or see you as an inconvenience or just plain ol inconsiderate. There’s also lack of funding, lack of education for the staff, and autistic people are easily sexually abused, bullied, and molested. They are easy targets for sexual predators and pedophiles. My biggest fear in life is not being there to help my sons and knowing that some stranger is doing harm to them. Also they are COLORED boys and they don’t even realize this racist society that we live in. In a perfect world, their imperfect world is perfect. No color, no judgement, no racism, no sexism, no war, no famine. So please as you watch this video, know that I am alleviating a certain pain that only few can understand.

Take Care



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  1. Hey, I’m sure he didn’t mean it!
    I commend you on raising your kids, my friend. You’re right about this world we live in, but I’ll share with you something someone once said to me:
    Know that our thoughts are things, things which have the potential of ushering in our reality. You’ll empower all of your children in ways even you may not see by focusing in on your love for then. See them strong and whole; becoming strong enough to handle this world and life will bring those gifts without doubt. Something tells me your children are going to do just fine so long as you keep believing in them.

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      • I know it. But, without the challenges we’d appreciate the joyous moments a little less? A big part of that equation I mentioned is also taking care of YOU. Your importance can’t be understated. I say visualize the you you want to become as often as possible too…

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      • Why crazy? Crazy is when we don’t and know we should! Lots of folks never get around to including themselves in their own lives… That you’ve identified the need and took action places you at the head of the class.

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  2. Great post fam! Thanks for posting this and making an intimate part of your life available for all to learn about.

    If you are not already, you should follow a blogger named Robyn from Autism in Our Nest. Her son is also autistic and she writes regularly about it, and her stuff is mindblowing.

    Stay up!

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  3. I watched the video and Tareau you are DEAD wrong!
    You baited that baby! LOL!!!!
    He was minding his own business and here you come with that mess!
    Why are you asking him if he paid for it?
    Just wrong!
    Get back to work or go blog or go do a podcast but you need to leave Rayquan alone! 😂

    No seriously,
    I love how knowledgeable and empathetic you are about children with autism. You are an EXCELLENT dad!
    Those beautiful boys look just like you 🙂

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    • Now see here Lady G, 1st of all Rayquan said I could play before the video started. 2ndly That’s MY Nintendo. It ain’t Rayquan’s, it ain’t Lady G’s hahaha. 3rdly. I did bait him so what you gonna do about it? You think cause you over your cold you can get back to talking huh?? Hahahahhahahahahahahahah. I am gonna post a video every weekend from now on to detail our life

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      • First of all, I am NOT over my cold but I still had to speak on this travesty! Don’t be telling me what happened before the video started rolling—it just sounds like a lie to me!

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      • I’m on the floor right now dying. Why she trying to make it seem like I swindled my son? And she called it a travesty. 😆😅😅😅😅. I bet you voice all scratchy and deep. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. You can be on Rayquan’s team, his credit is bad so you will inherit that hahahahahahahahaha,

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      • So now you are admitting that you have further besmirched Rayquan’s name by applying for credit in his name, running it up to the limit and refusing to pay it back?
        Wrong on so many levels!

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      • Nope those words never came out my mouth. Back in 1976 Rayquan was trying to lease a Cadillac Eldorado buy his credit got messed up. That’s on him lmfao

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  4. Your boys are super cute! I’m really happy to see you blogging about something that many would choose to keep quiet about. And now I know what to say to you when you start talking about my bird pics…”GO AWAY TAREAU!” lol

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  5. I left an earlier comment which seems to have disappeared completely, Tareau. The gist of it was that this was a beautiful post and I’m loving that you shared it. Your twin sons are gorgeous and are so fortunate to have you as their father. You are doing a great job and though it might feel as if you’re not getting as much support as you would wish for, know that we all love you and are rooting for you. You are a great father/dad and your children are proud that you are their dad. 🙂

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  6. He is absolutely precious! Both of your boys are handsome angels lol. You definitely picked that fight though lol. I rolled over laughing when you asked him if he bought it. Reminds me of my childhood *sigh*. Thank you for sharing – this was awesome 🙂

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