Are You Not Tired?

Are you not tired of stress? 

From the stress of how much money you should have? Not living how they say you should? The pressure of not having “enough?”

But what is enough? That question is subjective. That question stems from spending too much time on social media, a fake reality in  reality. The seed of the question  is planted in your head by the media, then blossoms into full blown panic when you look around and see someone with more. 

More of what? Materialistic bullshit. Something shiny. Something new. Something expensive. Things that depreciate after purchase! Distractions!

$pend… $pend… $pend.

Are you not tired?

Tired of being told you’re not angry enough. Black enough. Not one of us? 

Are you not Tired?

Maybe you should conform. Be like others that are popular on FakeLifeBook. Getting likes from halfway profound rhetoric—impressing shallow people who pose as righteous, as their faces are planted in the lit screen of an $800 device. A device that is deemed old in 6-8 months.  By then another model will be dropping, and those same armchair activist, from the fake deep crowd, will be in line, waiting to spend what they should be saving. 

Yes, saving. Preparing for the future. Oh, that’s right, you live in the moment. The future, oh that’s far far away. You have plenty of time right?  

I guess I’m tired. Tired that my line of thinking doesn’t line up with those who don’t see what’s really going on. Do you know what it’s like to feel surrounded by people with blinders on, and minds geared toward selective thinking, memory, and hearing.

Moral of the story, live your life. Garner your own opinions. Think for yourself. Stress is bad for the body. You’ll get old with no social skills, and have to hire help.

Peace ✌🏿




  1. This post really resonates with me because in my life I’ve come in contact with people that caused me stress and I got tired of it and I knew I couldn’t live my life with them still in it. Then I came across a quote that said “you’ll be successful as the people you talk to for no reason”. Once I read this quote my whole life changed. Great post thanks for sharing.

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    • What helped me was, “you are who you hang around. ” You have to surround yourself with people who think like you do. Who want to accomplish things like you do. Who have goals and ambitions. It’s too many distractions, people included. Thank you for reading.

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  2. Preach cousin. Everything is lazily done now a days. How many people complain about going to work but then complain when they don’t have a job? 1st world struggles, mixed with a heightened presence of social media, mixed with WiFi, mixed with distractions, mixed with pretentiousness= The Average American person today.

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  3. Fantastic post, brother. Brings our current state of affairs into sharp relief, but I wonder if we are simply passing through another necessary phase of mankind’s consciousness/spiritual evolution?

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      • It’s true,the strong do survive, but they thrive when they begin honoring their gifts. I can’t help feeling the state of our world currently is one factor drawing this out of more and more individuals.

        Today many speak of being ‘woke’, of attaining a higher level of consciousness and purpose. The self-reliance you mentioned seems to run parallel to this. I hope we see lots more people of color taking this challenge on…

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  4. Good post! Real talk bro! People definitely need to be saving. It is amazing how many people do not have emergency funds on deck for such situations. We have to learn to become more future oriented, because it is only going to get worse from here.

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  5. Hi Dave:
    Excellent post. We have GOT to be about what we ‘talk’ about.
    I want to create something that moves through the generations versus just enough to get by-here and now!
    I’m tired of that for all of us!

    With that in mind, I admire you and Tareau for stepping that game up early in life!

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  6. Man, you hit this nail right on the head. So many of us have started to shape our goals around the “accomplishments” of the masses (which is ironic in itself, considering that the masses aren’t even accomplishing as much as they allude to). Everyone is in this rat race, trying to keep up with the man in front of them – who isn’t even keeping up with his faux self.

    Allowing others establish your measurement of success only leads to chaos (speaking from personal experience lol). Social media has made it easy for people to NOT think for themselves. It takes much more effort to establish your own goals than it does to just chase after someone else’s.

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    • I couldn’t have said it better sista Josie. Only thing I can add to that, is never take financial advice from someone with less money than you, and ALWAYS consider the source of which the “advice” is coming from. That’s what helps me everyday.


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