Movie Review #3 Bad Santa 2



Yes it was. You want to know how bad? I snuck some carrots and celery into the movies to eat healthy. I knew it was going to be a shitty movie but man oh man. Obviously with no Bernie Mac or John Ritter (RIP to both) Bad Santa 2 was terrible. Man you can really see the directional differences from #1 to #2. Billy Bob Thornton reprises his role as Willie. A drunken, Shit talking, STD having, promiscuous Santa Clause who wallows with self pity using Whiskey. As great as Billy Bob plays losers he should of passed on this film. Willie is down on his luck and he gets a surprise visit from his former partner in crime Marcus (Tony Cox). As you recall from the last Bad Santa Marcus had set up Willie once they were done with the big heist.


Anyways Marcus gets out of jail for good behavior and he seeks Willie for another score. Now mind you it’s been 13 years sense they last seen each other. Now what Marcus does not tell Willie is that the brains of this new operation is actually Willie’s mother Sonny (Played by Kathy Bates). Their score is the Salvation Army that Sonny works at. Anyways Thurman (played by Brett Kelly) is now grown up and wants to follow Willie around but doing so he gets in the way of heist plans. Christina Hendricks plays Diane the busty, charismatic, horny, owner of the Salvation Army. Her husband is cheating on her with an intern and she claims not to of had sex in over 7 years.

Without boring you too much longer you can already predict what is going to happen. I only laughed once in this movie and even Octavia Spencer’s cameo as the prostitute wasn’t even necessary. Sigh. I give this movie an F+. Yea that’s right a friggin F+



  1. Lmao @ F+ !! The opening sentence of your review was hilarious. I was looking at the cover photo and thinking to myself “…this movie LOOKS lame” and then you confirmed it with the introduction alone, lol. Peep the swag of the dudes in the pic. They don’t even wanna be there lol.

    Without Bernie and John Ritter, the film was bound to nose dive. I am disappointed in Kathy Bates because I usually like stuff that she either directs or plays a part in.

    How is this film doing at the box office? Are they at least breaking even on the cost of production … or are they taking a loss? If your review is THIS bad, they are probably in the negative! lol

    Good review bro! You’ve saved me from wasting $12 of my hard-earned cash a couple of times lol

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