Pistons Needs a Tune Up

Motor City, we have a problem.

The Detroit Pistons are at a roadblock, all ready. As early as it is in the season, there is already bickering, finger pointing, and certain players refusing to know there role. The Pistons are 14-15, last in the Central Division, and 9th in the Eastern Conference Standings. 5-5 in their last ten games. Inconsistent is an understatement.

If you watch closely you may have probably noticed the ball movement, or lack there of—particularly since the return of Reggie Jackson. Many fans anticipated Jacksons return, if for nothing else but to have the team at full strength—theoretically firing on all cylinders.

The offense has been fairly stagnant, and frankly hard to watch at times. In the defense of Mr. Jackson, the offense had been inconsistent in his absence, however fans, and teammates expected somewhat of an elevation of play to accompany his return. In just 8 games Reggie has already taken 31 three point shots. Compare that to Ish Smith, who has played in all 29  games having took just 37 three point field goals. The Pistons play a lot of ISO ball, and fire off too many threes as it is, so to see someone who just came back from injury essentially join in on the fracas almost immediately has been disheartening.



Marcus Morris is right, and has been one of the most consistent players on the team. Whether off of the pick & roll, passing, or overall good shot selection.

The Pistons are in the bottom 10 in team assists. Out of the nine teams worse the them in that category, only 3 of those teams have winning records. Toronto, Memphis, and Utah.


I have said it on multiple episodes of #PistonsTalk and I’ll say it again: Andre Drummond goes way too many possessions without touching the ball. Sometimes 5-6 possessions at a time. Unacceptable. Drummond can have his man sealed off, in position for an easy deuce, and a contested three will be hoisted. Frustrating as it is to watch, looks like the players are equally as frustrated as well, holding a players only meeting to iron out some issues.



In other words, guys are sulking, body language is awful, no one is rotating on defense or helping, because certain people aren’t getting their offensive shine. As a team the Pistons are shooting 45% overall, and 34% from distance, indicating bad shot selection. Outside of Andre Drummond and Jon Leuer, no one else who gets significant playing time, is sniffing 50% shooting. As I’ve stated before, Detroit should really considered hiring Rip Hamilton as a shooting coach. Maybe he can teach shot selection, and working within a 18 foot parameter. He made Mid-Range shooting an art form.

I’m an advocate of a trade. Whether it’s bolstering the bench, or possibly shaking up the starting line up in the name a winning brand of basketball. Something needs to happen, and fast. This selfish style of play will have you in the lottery come June.

But maybe that’s a blessing in disguise.







  1. I wonder if they traded for Rudy GAY would he stay in Detroit? Probably not. A pass first point guard is what the could use. Ramon sessions would be cool for them. They need a new personnel all around. I would trade Tobias and Ish Smith for somebody. Sign someone like Steve Blake or Kendall Marshall or Norris Cole who can distribute the ball.

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