Tareau’s NBA All Underrated team

Yes there are several of NBA players who do not get enough credit. Probably because ESPN and Bleacher Report and other major media outlets do not want the average sports fan to veer interests elsewhere. How do we give great players the shine and adulation that they deserve? You subscribe to thecouchsports.com. ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†. So here’s my all NBA underrated team

Starting Center: Myles Turner

Last year Myles Turner was averaging, 10.3 pts, 5.5 rebs, 0.7 ast, 1.4blks, 49.8 fg%, 21.4 3pt%. This year he has improved from all aspects of his game. 15.3 pts, 7.3 rebs, 1ast, 2.3blks, 54 fg%, & 35 3pt%. If the trade rumors on Paul George comes true, The Pacers could potentially have their next star in the making.

Starting Power Forward: Julius Randle

Julius has been balling out for the baby Lakers. Despite their struggles, he is managing to polish his game averaging  13pts, 9rebs, 3.2 asts, & 50% fgs. He even had a triple double earlier in this young season. Randle is a baller and he will be a great hybrid stretch 4 going forward. He just needs to work on his defense. 

Starting Small Forward: Gordon Hayward  

I know Gordon is mad right now. He’s giving his all to a small market but yet he’s constantly in trade rumors. Thanks Danny Ainge. Hayward is having a career year in Points, Rebounds, Free Throw %, and 3pt %. The Utah JAZZ might just make the playoffs this year and it would be a good look for Hayward to see the post season. Honestly if Hayward played in the Eastern Conference he would be a perennial all star. 

Starting Shooting Guard: Nicholas Batum

Yes Yes Yes I know that Batum is a Small Forward by nature but he can easily play the 2 guard. Charlotte got it right by cashing out Batum this past off season. This guy is what a basketball player looks like. He can virtually play the 1-4 positions in today’s NBA, He can pass, handle the ball, set up his teammates, plays good solid on/off ball defense and he shoots well. Batum is averaging. 14pts, 7.5 rebs, 5.5ast per game and Charlotte is actually vying for a playoff spot right now. 

Starting Point Guard: Kemba Walker

Yes 2 Charlotte players on the starting line up. But man oh man Kemba Walker is always underrated. Kemba is balling out of control. Having career highs in scoring average, fg%, and 3pt fg %, Kemba should finally grace the Eastern Conference NBA All Star game this season. 


Kevin Love Power Forward 

Yes Kevin Love is underrated this year. How can a $20 million dollar player be underrated? Easily, with all the focus on Kyrie and LeBron, Kevin LOVE is quietly putting up 22.3pts, 11rebs, 86% ft (career high), 55% fg (career high). Yes all of this considering the controversy he has been through in the early part of his career with the Cavs. Kevin Love will probably make the Eastern Conference Allstar Team and help the Cavs once again win a title.

Isaiah Thomas Point Guard 

The heart of any team he plays on, plays with anger and a chip on his shoulder. And it’s not because of his stature. It’s because of he is constantly overlooked by sports pundits from all across the League. The man is averaging 26 pts a game while the Celtics are currently in 3rd place in the East (14-12). Look for Thomas to lead the Celtics deep into the playoffs whole hopefully making another All Star team.

Dennis Schroder Point Guard

Atlanta let Jeff Teague go because they knew they had their emerging point guard off the bench. They were right. Schroder is having a career year while being the facilitator of the Hawks offense. 16.6pts, 6.3ast, 3rebs a game. Unfortunately he has also been the focal point of the Hawks recent struggles as of late. Give him time, it’s his first year. 

Steven Adams Center 

The 7’0″ kiwi is a rare refreshing throwback center in today’s soft ass NBA. Where else are you going to find a center who wants to do all the dirty work. Setting solid screens, mixing it up in the paint, hell even getting kicked in the balls by Draymond Green. Adams is also having a career year while playing with two ball dominated combo guards(Westbrook & Oladipo) Adams is having a career year in pts, rebs, and FT% (12pts, 7.5 rebs 74% ft) 

Tim Frazier Point Guard

He put up a 20pt 10 assist game against my Warriors. Averaging 11pts, 7.5ast,3.6rebs per game. Now coming off the bench due to Jrue Holiday coming back, Frazier is playing well off the bench. Even put up a triple double against Phoenix earlier this year.

C.J McCollum Shooting Guard

CJ, plays well besides Dame. Although CJ struggles defensively, he is making up for it by being a marksman from the field. Portland’s future all depends on him developing a knack for the defensive end. CJ is having a career year numbers wise in Points, steals, Fg%, Ft%, 3pt fg%, and rebounds. Last year’s Most Improved player will definitely be the Yin to Dame’s Yang. RIP CITY represent. 

John Henson Center 

Henson is a solid defender who nobody ever talks about. He plays well with Jabari and Giannis, and is a low maintenance center who has a good feel for his role. Whether he is coming off the bench or starting, he is a serviceable 7 footer who can block shots, and defend the paint. 

Ok. So there you have it. Who would be on your list? Underrated all day, right? โœŒ



  1. Good list bro. I agree on all of this and wouldn’t really add much!

    I thought of you yesterday because I was watching the Patriots and I saw the standings and saw the 49ers were like 1-12. Damn, bro. It cost that much money to live in San Fran AND ya’lls team is trash?!?!?!?! lmao

    Liked by 1 person

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