Watch “Lazy babysitter by Tareau Barron” on YouTube
So this is me babysitting my nephew. If you want to hire me as your babysitter I charge I helping of extra cheesy lasagna an hour, some banana cognac, 3 bendy straws, and 74 cents. This is what you get for that price…..
Enjoy the video 



      • Your pic reminds me of when I returned to the states from Europe. I thought I’d help my mom out by taking my two nephews to the store. Give her a little peace and quiet. The youngest didn’t have a coat and it was raining. Needless to say he started crying… And no amount of bribing or promising something cool from the store helped. Did I mention that was our first meeting as uncle and nephew? Not sure if that’s one of the reasons we still aren’t all that close…


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