Movie Review #4: The Bounce Back.

What oh what did I sneak into this film folks? Nothing! What??? Yes that’s right. Nothing. You want to know why? I had a coupon from cinemark for free candy. It felt weird not sneaking in any food. Hahahahaha.

The Bounce Back is a black romantic comedy starring Shemar Moore, Nadine Velazquez, Bill Bellamy, & Kali Hawk. Shemar Moore plays Matthew Taylor, a single father who’s managed to repair his heart from being broken by his ex wife Jessica (Kali Hawk). Matthew writes a self help book and  is automatically a local icon amongst the ladies. Thriving to reach the top, his anxious best friend/business manager Terry (Bill Bellamy), Insists that Matthew kind of “sellout” and do a tour promoting his book. Matthew does not want to compromise the integrity of his book, but fame and money is calling him. While on tour he is confronted by Kristin (Nadine Velazquez). Kristin is a therapists/doctor and she calls BS Matthew’s book and his approach to fix other people’s emotions without being a licensed professional.

(Now myself being in therapy really appreciated the dynamics of the therapist vs. Non therapist) 

Kristin has been single for over 7 years and has an utter disdain for Matthew. At the seminar were they met, their exchanged was filmed and went viral Thus prompting a “Male vs Female” war on healing. TV shows were now asking to book both of them instead of just Matthew. This causes friction between Terry and Matthew. Meanwhile Matthew’s relationship with his daughter is changing due to her becoming a young lady and taking a liking to a local teenage, skateboarding punk. (Whoops, sorry hits kind of close to home lmfao). Matthew and Kristin start to fall for each other after appearing on several talk shows. It is revealed that Matthew still loves (but not in love) his ex wife . You can predict what happens the rest of the film.

This movie has great eye candy for ladies and guys, but it fails to provide any depth into the pain that Matthew’s ex wife had caused. It clichéd predictions without depth really made you feel like you were missing something.

I give this movie a D+. Yes a D+. It had potential to be an ok film but it just felt choppy and contrived. It didn’t flow well. I still saw it because as I previously stated, even Bad black films need our support. I would urge you to see for yourself, but it’s not even in theaters anymore. It had a $3 million dollar budget and so far it only made $376,000 around the world. Yikes.




  1. Good review as always fam!

    I’m with Malakhai … I didn’t even know this was in theatres. It has a star studded cast, too. Damn it is not wonder they are in the red, lol.

    Alot of movies be lacking depth. The plot almost sounds a bit like a Hitch spinoff, and a follow up to that Act Like a Lady film.

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