Watch “Lazy babysitting” on YouTube
Hey everyone, here’s the video. I’m sorry if you had trouble viewing it before. Enjoy


      • Oh oh oh gonna change ya profile pic and trying to be all “ALLURING & MYSTERIOUS” Looking like you promoting a night time adult lotion called “LUSH”
        “New from the Lady that has brought us great posts from WordPress, Presents a lotion that every couple must have.”

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      • ROTFLMAO!!!
        See, that’s how much YOU know about Lady G!
        Fact is, today is the Winter Solstice and I always change my profile pic with the seasons.
        Nyah, nyah, nyah, naaaaa!
        Don’t hate though…..please don’t do it!
        But seriously, between me and you, do you think I can make some money selling LUSH?

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      • Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahaha. I already have a buyer for LUSH. OK. I get 15%, Ron gets 20% and you get the remaining 65%.

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  1. Thanks for the re upload bro! Cute kid!

    I feel you on the lazy babysitting. My pops was the type to turn on the TV and let the show babysit us. All he would do is listen for abnormal noises like bangs or thuds, and THEN he would come in the room to see wassup lol. As long as there ain’t noises, let the kids “do what they do”, right? Lol

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  2. lol @ we were bonding. Cutest kid ever! I love how he eventually lays down on the floor to watch Sesame Street. Even funnier how you had the nerve to care while sitting in the same spot for an entire minute lol!

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