Players that are more concerned with getting theirs than winning….or team. These shots don’t equate to wins. I’m talking about players who have never seen a shot they didn’t like. Oh, you were open? I didn’t notice kind of players. I’m talking Deebo telling Red he didn’t know he wanted his beach cruiser back ass players! 




Justice Winslow: 51-146 shooting 34%  from the field 

3.4 Assist per game

Heat Record 9-19




Kent Bazemore: 103-279 shooting 36% from the field  

2.6 Assist per game

Hawks record: 14-14

[note: kent has never averaged more than 3.3 ast per and isn’t really expected to. But…balance]


bj-knicksBrandon Jennings: 74-197 shooting 37% from the field

5 assist per game

Knicks record: 14-13

First off to all you stat obsessed nerds out there, yes Brandon is statistically shooting better and averaging more assist than the person starting in front of him—Derrick Rose. However, that’s not a valid argument because I’m playing better than Derrick Rose this season too. 




Russell Westbrook: 288-676 (100 more shots than person in second place)

42% shooting from the field

Thunder Record: 17-12

[note: One can argue Russ may have to chuck shots, based on him being the lone “star” left. Thing is, his teammates are better than they get credit for.] 



Reggie Jackson: 12 FGA per game only makes 4 per

49-123 39% shooting from the field  13-36 from 3pt 36% 

4.8 Assist per game

Pistons record: 14-17



Nick Young:  The king of chuckers is actually having a career year. Here are his career numbers vs the 2016-17 season.

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 7.59.15 AM.png

That’s right Swag Master P is shooting nearly 50%!


There are more Chuckers running around the league for me to find and put on display like Pokemon. Part II will be coming soon.

Ask yourself: Is any of this good for the league? 



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