Movie Reviews #5: Moana

Shout out to my Hawaiian sister from another mister, Geri. I’m sorry I saw this without you.

Ok for snacks I didn’t sneak anything in the theater because I went to Dennys and had their Cinnamon spice egg nog pancakes. Fat ass right? Who really eats that heavy meal before going to the movies? Well I do. Hahahahaha

Please go see Moana and see it in 3d. It is an amazing experience. Everybody who voiced a character in this Film, is of Hawaiian, Polynesian, Or Oceania decent. Moana means Deep Water or Ocean depending on what culture explains it to you. Newcomer Aulii Cravalho stars as Moana. A fun loving, strong willed, intelligent, renaissance lady, who is the princess of her people on the island of Motunui. Moana at a very young age was chosen by the ocean itself to be its goddess. While growing up Moana’s grandma, GRAMMA (Rachael House) would tell Moana of different folklores such as the Great Demigod Maui (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) stealing the stone pounamu from the goddess Te Fiti and losing it somewhere in the Ocean. Her dad Chief Tui Waialiki is trying to raise Moana to be the greatest Heir of her people but that comes with one rule: “Do not go past the island’s reef”  Moana’s mother Sina (Nicole Scherzinger) is very understanding of both her daughter’s and husband’s point of views about leaving the Island. Legend has it whoever returns the stone to Te Fiti, that it would bring you great power and restore any dire environments around your native lands.

Unfortunately for Moana, she can never leave the island no matter what. After several attempts to leave, her Gramma Tala convinces Moana that it is her mission to do something that even her father could not do: Find the Demigod Maui and make him return the artifact to Te Fiti.

Without giving away too much, this film was excellent. The singing, the cultural references, the comedy, the animation, the drama, the suspense, the thrills and the smoothness of the film. I am happy that Disney used Polynesian people and allowed people to see a great part of their culture and heritage without butchering most of it. There were a few inaccuracies but imma let it slide.

I give this movie an A+. Please watch this film and bring the kids, it’s fun for everyone.



  1. Got to admit, I was seriously on the fence about this one. Afraid in Disney’s hands… Well, you know. Nice to hear they gave it and island cultures the props they deserve. Great review!

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    Lady J went to see it with her Godparents.
    Lady G could NOT be bothered 🙂
    Having said all that, you did a wonderful job reviewing this!
    You might have found a new niche!
    Go T-Ro!!!!

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    • Ok first of all tell Lady J I said hello
      2ndly why couldn’t lady g be bothered
      3rdly check ya email
      4thly thank you for the compliment softie hahahahahaha. I love the movies. Any movie you want me to see and review?? And I liked Dr. Strange too. Forgive me for having standards. I can’t wait to see fences and hidden figures.

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  3. Cool! Thanks for the review! I’ll have to take my nephew; he loves wearing those glasses and he’s one of the few little ones that can be quiet most of the movie but stands in the aisle the entire time.

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    • that’s so cool. You know AMC has sensory friendly movies where kids that are on the spectrum or that are special needs can attend movies. My sons are autistic and we have a blast at the movies. The kids can run, jump, dance, yell, cry, etc without getting kicked out. I usually just sit in the steps and make sure no child leaves the movie theater.

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      • No I didn’t know that about AMC. That’s awesome! He’s really good and pretty chill but he just doesn’t want to sit down lol. I don’t know what that’s about besides him being three.

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  4. Good review! This is probably the highest rating I’ve seen from you. Thing is: I may have to take my 10 year old niece to this one, because, well, you know lol.

    I feel like the animated movies are the best ones as of late. Did you see Zootopia? That movie was fire. And Inside Out was amazing!

    I just thought: are you familiar with CinemaSins … a channel on YouTube? They do comedic reviews of movies and point out the flaws we never notice?

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  5. I loved this movie. You’re welcomeeeeeeee. My friend and I downloaded the soundtrack on the way home, afterwards lol. Movies like these always make me want to jump up in the middle of the film and make something of myself lol.

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