Tareau’s greasiest sistahs of all time.

Finally it is here. I am not holding back either ladies. There are some greasy ladies out there and a greasy lady is not only extra shiny but a low down, back stabbing lady. Please look out for them and do not leave anything around because they might take it from you. Remember these are all jokes and in good fun so don’t be all sensitive, smdh.

10. Taraji Henson

Ok, Taraji is fine and all but I don’t trust her at all. She looks like she would poke holes in ya condom stash. Just Trifilin. 

9. Star Jones

Greasiness comes in different hues and sizes. Yes the same Star Jones who said that she was a certified dime piece on national TV. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”. Her weaves be looking like when you run ya fingers through her hair, they feel like caterpillars. Lmfao 

8. Bunny Debarge 

Bunny, you are only on here because you know damn well you look exactly like your brothers in the 80s. I don’t trust you so when I come over your house, I am leaving my wallet hidden underneath your bathroom sink.

7. Missy Elliott 

Missy is the most underrated performer of all time🎢, but y’all know that hefty bag was all greasy and sweaty. Them finger waves were screaming for moisturizer 24/7. 

6. Latoya Jackson

Yes you were greasy Latoya, airing out your family business and being all Glisteny in ya playboy shoots. You know you need to have a hurricane Katrina~esq bath and hibernate in a botanical garden for 2 weeks. Just Trifilin. 

5. Tiffany New York Pollard

Yes she was and don’t try and cover for her. She let her greasiness effect pop culture for a decade now. You see what Flavor Flav did. Hell I could of did the whole list on his contestants hahahaha. And Flav should of been on the Brothas list but oh well. 

4. Gabrielle Union

Cmon Gabe, how you gonna let ya hubby post an after smash session pic of ya greasy, Dirty ass face? You are probably the handsomiest greasiest lady in the history of greasiness. Yes that’s right I went there. 

3. Grace Jones

Ok you have broken a lot of barriers Ms. Jones and a really a legend but why do you look like you profusely sweet oil of olay?? Don’t tell me it’s lights or makeup, she is always greasy. Especially on boomerang.

2. Daphene Maxwell Reid

Tim Reid your wife is a goddess when it comes to the grease business. Yes she is. Never liked her. She is not Aunt Viv. Just look at her evil face all shiny and mean looking. Smdh.

*******DRUMROLL PLEASE********

1. Robin Givens

You guys know why. Gold digger, greasy, ugly, mean, all of that. She would make the perfect evil villian in movies because of permanent scowl she wears so proudly. Lmfao.

There were several ladies I left off *cough Rihanna cough* but hey its my list. Please who would you add or subtract from this list. Tell us. If you are in a grumpy or sad mood, I hope this post made u smile, even for a Lil bit. 



  1. Ha! You’re a mess! I wanna know how this process works; do you have women in mind that you’ve always thought were super shiny since your childhood? Do you just google “greasy blackness” or what? I need to know.

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    • Lmfao hahahahahahahaha. See I have this feeling in my head when I see an actress it singer. And if it goes off than that means they are greasy. Like Gabrielle Union is pretty but when she said she was so hateful towards black women at a time when she was starting, I knew she was greasy. For ladies, being greasy is 85% demeanor/personality and 15% look. Taraji just looks Hella shady and greasy. And you can’t tell me Grace Jones isn’t greasy look at them check bones. Looking like 2 sweaty ass tomato grapes lmfao

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  2. I can’t believe you left out Meagan Good and KeKe Palmer (the grown up KeKe). Meagan is LITERALLY always greasy – oily as hell. And KeKe is just all over the place these days with social media. She is Crisco greasy!

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    • Hahahahahahah yes and yes. Meagan good is greasy but I got a crush on her greasy ass. Hahahahaha. Man Keke will definitely be #1 on my next list, I promise you that hahahaha


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