The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 33

Millennials, NBA Talk, NFL Playoffs, NBA HOF, 35 year old grandmas, Hatred for Players Taking Nights Off, Tareau & Dave go on an angry rant about softness and fake outrage in America.




  1. Another great show guys. Lady Go and I have had that discussion about the lack of “generation gaps” in Black families today.

    I call it my “Theory of Shortened Generations” and it is the root cause of many of our issues.

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    • Brother Brown I really appreciate you and Sista G listening and supporting. Sincerely. And you’re right, there is a gap of teaching, as well as the passing down of any form of pertinent information. It’s frustrating, and sometimes embarrassing to see us so far down in the hole, and most of us don’t understand why.

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