Support #7 

Yall know my greedy ass loves snacks. “All the fries you can give me”  type of greedy. (Bonus points if you know where that’s from). Today I am supporting the ladies @ for their delicious baked goods. I ordered online and they shipped it to me asap. Shout out to fellow blogger ms Kelley aka for introducing me to their product. All about supporting yall. I ordered some browned butter brown sugar cookies + praline brownies. 

Take a look 

Do you have a black owned business you would like me to check out? Please give mefeedvack. Also if you’re around you can have a brownie, I’m in a sharing mood. Hahahahhahaahahahha ✌



  1. There is nothing wrong with going after the snacks when it’s helping our black-owned/operated businesses, brother! Wow. They sure look good. I can see why you’d want to change those plans and examine them up close and personal!

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