Holding Steph Curry accountable.. How can a die hard Warrior’s fan say these things!

Yes I went there. How can a die hard Warrior’s fan for over 23 years, utter those words? It’s blasphemous! Yea well I don’t care. There is alot of questions surrounding Steph’s mental toughness right now and its not hard to ignore. How can a 2 time MVP not win the finals MVP?  How can you be so great but so inept against one player? Why do you panic against Kyrie? Why this? Why that? Well, here’s why:

Our fan base. Steph Curry is probably the most beloved sports entity in the Bay Area in the history of sports. Yes because of the fact that Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Apple, Instagram, Google etc is right here in the Bay Area. It’s the perfect trade off. Who used to be proverbial nerds are now cool. (Dare I say, For me it’s kind of like how only such cool rebels like myself used to smoke weed and it was taboo. Now because it’s legal, weed isn’t even cool to me anymore.)  Steph’s greatness is a relatable trade off. Problem is, with Steph’s new found ascension, the accountability factored is nonexistent. (Wow I went way out there for that one, right?)

Let’s break this down shall we? Since beating the depleated Cleveland Cavs for the NBA title in 2015, The Golden State Warriors are 5-5 against the Cavs, and are currently on a 4 game losing streak against the defending Champs.(Including playoffs) Kyrie Irving‘s face lights up when he plays us and this is because he basically owns Steph. That “What if” factor in 2015 is one of the reason why Kyrie has been owning Steph. (Kyrie broke his kneecap tiwards the end of Game 1, in the 2015 finals). Now you have to ask yourself, how can a 2 time MVP (2016 Unanimous) Struggle this badly and be a liability to his team in crunch time? Look I’m not a big stats guy but this is the one time where the stats and the play is actually in sync with one another. Steph looks lost at times when playing the Cavs and he struggles to do what he was fundamentally trained to do. Is he not a point guard? He panics against Kyrie. It feels like at times that Steph cannot play elite point guards like he could in years past. Here are the past 4 games stats which were all losses, including the playoffs:

Game 5. 6/13/16
40 mins
8/21 fg  38%fg
5/15 3pt 33% 3pt
3 turnovers

Game 6.   6/16/16
35 mins
8/20 fg, Fg 40%
6/13 3pt, 46% 3pt
4 turnovers

Game 7.    6/19/16
40 mins
6/19 fg, 31% fg
4/14 3pt, 28% 3pt
4 tunovers

Christmas day.     12/25/16
37 mins
4/11 fg, 36% Fg
2/7 3pt fg, 28% 3 pts fg
3 rebs
3 turnovers

4 game averages
21.7 ppg
4.2 rbp
2.5 Apg
3.5 Turnovers
1 spg
1 bpg
Fg 36%
3pt Fg 33%.

Now ask yourself am I delusional now? The Warriors will only win the championship if they make the sac bunt play, in the playoffs. Problem is these “New Warrior’s Fans” do not understand that. Steph, with his great offensive mind, should be averaging more assists than he does. We see what happens when Steph, Klay, & Kd struggle from the field. When the game slows down in the playoffs, the bench will have to carry the load. Unfortunately to get KD, our bench had to become the sacrificial lamb. Yes Iggy, Livingston, and Clark are still great bench players, but they go as the starters go. Varejo is useless. McGee is playing great but he only plays great when the Warriors are playing Warriors basketball in blowouts. McCaw is fighting Ian Clark for minutes. Jones needs more experience. West is solid but a step slower than he was in his formidable years. Looney is still finding his way and McAdoo is invisible the times he does play. In any type of competition, you exploit your opponents weaknesses. Our bench is our weakness.

Also I would like to point out that in this market in the Bay Area the 5th largest media market in the United States however it is extremely soft. It’s not Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, or Philly. You have to factor in the socioeconomics of those cities and relate it to their brand of sports. Detroit is a hard nosed, blue collar, rough, rugged, and raw town that’s going through various hardships right now. New York fans are knowledgeable about their teams no matter who they root for. Philly will boo you in front of your family if you mess up. Los Angeles, we’ll is Los Angeles so ya know. The Bay Area is only known for San Francisco and Silicon Valley. (Geographically Speaking). This counterculture of fandom here is one of the reasons guys like m are becoming extinct. When people say they hate the Warriors it’s not a fan like me who they are talking about. Hell how can you hate someone who stood by their team when the teams only headline was Latrell Spreewell choking his coach?

I would also like to point out that part of this new age counter culture is protecting your image and investment. There’s no accountability like there was back in the day, I think I’ve overly stressed that. But here’s something that is somewhat relevant. In ESPN’s January issue, there is an interesting article called “How the Warriors landed Kevin Durant.”  Here’s the link to the full article here and I am going to highlight an excerpt from the article:

Now the reason why I’ve highlighted this below is because this mentality rubs off on our soft fans. I’m the type of fan where if Klay goes off for 60pts, and I see next game, he is 2 for 17 from the field, I am yelling for him to pass or sit down. When I do this at Warriors games, a collective set of looks will barrel down towards my direction. Hey right is right, wrong is wrong. Mind you, it’s taboo here in the Warriors community to boo your own players. Hell I once booed Anthony Tolliver for getting hung on a dunk, and 3 older guys were upset with me. “Come one pal, he is trying his best” Lmfao “F@#$ THAT” I am booing. Hahahahaha. Yea let me get paid $1 million dollars to try my best being 6ft 8in. Hahahahaha. So in conclusion, I am that fan who can see weaknesses in his team while everyone else is looking at their smart phones and gathering data from ESPN telling them from an analytical standpoint why they are great. Also aren’t the Warriors struggling against Elite teams right now? See how can I be the bad guy for pointing out the obvious? Smh. Hope you enjoy reading. Leave me your feedback folks.

Durant sets up a three-way call with Golden State owner Joe Lacob and GM Bob Myers; he’s fixated on learning how the Warriors will shield him from criticism should he decide to join them. At one point in the call, when Durant says “when I come,” Lacob freaks out, thinking Durant just tipped his hand. Meanwhile, fearing the worst, the Thunder wait at the Holiday Inn Express for a call. The next morning, Durant calls to inform them of his departure, mere minutes before he announces his decision to join the Warriors. His loyalty to OKC, in the end, would only go so far.




    • I think Harden or LeBron will win MVP at this point. But as a die hard Warrior’s fan it’s blasphemous to say that Steph is soft. He is. But he’s shielded


      • Lmfao oh most def he will never leave. Lacob and Gruber need Steph, badly. One of the hidden reasons why the Warriors are leaving Oakland to come to the city, is because those Silicon Valley dudes are afraid of Oakland. That’s a whole nother post hahahaha


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