Seen not heard 

Avery making the Game winning block on Gordon Hayward!

As you know, here at Dave and myself love talking about underrated things. Whether it’s women, snacks, TV shows, shoes, cars, brands, and yes even sports players. Today I am going to talk proudly about Avery Bradley of the Boston Celtics. Avery is having a career year and not one mention of him outside of the Boston media. This is big news media at its finest. If Avery Bradley was arrested for drugs possession or a gun chatge, his face would be plastered everywhere. 

As I mentioned in past articles and posts, defense is a very underrated part of today’s game. Hell in today’s society in general, defense is underrated. 

As you can see, Avery Bradley guards the best player on the opposing team. His career accolades includes being on the 2012/13 All defensive 2nd team and making the 2015/16 all defensive 1st team. This year alone he is averaging career highs in Points, Rebounds, Assists, 3pt%, 3pts makes, and Fg%. (18ppg, 7rbg, 2.3apg, 3pt 41.7%, 2 3pts made a game, fg 55%). Now Avery wont make the allstar team this year, but he will make another All NBA Defensive 1st team and be in the running for Most Improved Player. 



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