Movie Review #11: Sing

Arrrrgggghhh. I lost my movie stub again. Anyways, I snuck in Peanut Butter M&M’s and apple slices. Ha.

Sing is an animated, singing film that will slightly entertain everyone. The premise of this film is somewhat relatable to real life. Buster Moon  (Matthew McConaughey) is a Koala Bear who owns a theater and who’s passion is anything related to the stage. His father worked day and night to purchase the theater, which was Buster’s dream. Unfortunately Buster is not the best business man and must come up with $100k or the bank will own his business. Struggling for business, Buster wants to put on the biggest show the town has ever seen by having a singing competition. Buster’s assistant Mrs. Crawley  (Garth Jennings) mistakenly drops some garbage on the flyer she was putting out, and instead of the flyers reading that the grand prize will be $1,000, it reads $100,000. The flyers get swept away by the fans in the office and go all over town.

The next morning, every animal in the town auditions. There’s Rosita  (Reese Witherspoon) a pig who is the mother of 25 piglets and who can sing and craves for her husband’s attention. There’s Ash (Scarlett Johansson) a punk rock teenage porcupine, who can sing and play guitar and who is also in a band with her loser boyfriend. There’s Mike (Seth McFarlane) a small white mouse who is smooth like Frank Sinatra but as crooked as Al Capone. There’s Johnny  (Taron Egerton) A young gorilla whose father wants him to take over the family business of being a crime boss. There’s Gunter (Nick Kroll) who is a pig who is not much of a singer but is an incredible dancer and is paired with Rosita. And then there’s is Meena (Tori Kelly) An Elephant who can sing but is extremely shy and nervous.

So basically, Buster is unaware of the typo on the flyers and is also ecstatic that his big show will put him back on top. He is constantly ducking the bank and also overlooking the much needed repairs on his theater. When everyone finds out that he doesn’t have $100k, a few of the contestants (Mike) wants to quit and try a new hustle. Buster’s only hope is to have an his best friend Eddie Noodleman  (John C. Reilly) a sheep, to ask his grandmother (who happens to be an alumni at the theater) to sponsor the show. Her name is Ms. Nana Noodleman (Jennifer Saunders) a black sheep who is in her Golden years and want nothing to do with Buster.

Now this movie has alot of singing and dancing and will keep you intrigued, however, I did not feel wooed like I did when I saw Moana. I can’t remember any of the songs in SING and it seems like it is so easy to write an animated film today. This honestly felt like a friendly, slightly less than spectacular Zootopia. Yes Jennifer Hudson had a little cameo as a young Ms. Nana Noodleman. And yes Meena the elephant can sing. But I felt this movie was missing that UMMMMPPPHHHH Soul ya know. It did well in the theaters. $75 million budget and it’s already made $300 million dollars worldwide. I have to give this movie a B-. Great Animations. Ok story line. But I wasn’t wowed. And I love kids movies. Hell when you have 3 kids, that’s all you watch sometimes. Lol



  1. I had a good time wat ch ingredients Moana. Sing was fun too but it didn’t have that same impact for me. Like I can barely remember anything from it. I saw it in 3d and the special effects were great. I had a good time but I just wasn’t wowed.


  2. “I did not feel wooed like I did when I saw Moana.” – hahaha. I can totally relate to feeling wooed by Moana. My friend and I downloaded the soundtrack immediately after seeing it, on the car ride home. I was surprised to hear you say that it was missing soul! All of the characters in the previews seemed to be very….*looking for the right word*… ethnic. Did you get that same vibe when seeing the previews? Maybe it was just me. But I’m GLAD I read your review because I’ll save my money and just watch it on my Firestick. 😀

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