America has long been obsessed with celebrities. Turn on your television and behold, a plethora of celebrity based shows. TMZ, Inside Edition, hell, even your local nightly news has gotten in on the action. Why?

In a word: Ratings.

Americans have proved time and again, that they rather keep up on a rich strangers life, then their own.

We also  have the reality inside reality known as social media to keep us distracted from feeding our brains positive messages. Healthy food for thought. Too busy consuming empty mental calories.

In my quest to spread entrepreneurial seeds, I want people to focus on what’s important. Namely you, and those you love.  The people we argue over don’t even know we exist. One  becomes blurry in the sea of a million faces.

I grew up living and dying with my teams. A loss could ruin a whole day for me. If a player I was a big fan of had a bad game, it was like I had a bad game. When a player triumphs, we all do. Not realizing I was tying in too much emotion and brain power, which wasn’t making me any money.

Which brings me to this point: When did we reach the point where people get into verbal and sometimes physical altercations over people we don’t know? Millionaires at that!

Marketing and advertising are a mutha.

Celebrities count on you to keep them relevant, by keeping their name in your mouth.  By keeping them relevant you’re keeping their pockets lined. Ever stumble upon a conversation with a group of people,  discussing how much money a certain celebrity has? Or the contract a ball player just got? defines Vicarious as: felt or enjoyed through imagined 

participation in the experience of others

Tabloids have always made a lane for themselves in our lives. Sitting directly in plain sight near the grocery store check out stand. With bold and sometimes over the top headlines, it was a throw in at best. Now in todays 24 hour news cycle, over the top headlines are as good as gold—in the race to get your viewership. We call it click bait. When done right,  call it money.

Corporate greed + our short attention span + sheep mentality = Cycle of continuance

Why stop a good thing? They will not fix what isn’t broke. And what is broke is the peoples  will power.

Mainstream media specializes in getting you talking about things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Attempting to  give you your opinion, all while making you feel included.

It was estimated 70% of Americans hate their job. Out of the 30% left, how many are content, and how many are truly happy? And what’s the percentage of Americans that gave up on their dream and ended up being part of the 70%?

If we can figure that equation out, than we could have happier people, thus lessening the importance of those who merely entertain us. ✌🏿





  1. I’ve always thought this Dave, that’s why I stopped being celebrity obsessed when I was 12.
    I understand it’s a little different with men, sports and athletes, simply because it is so entrenched in our society.
    But I am so happy to see you bringing awareness to this madness… I love your question: Why are we arguing and fighting over a millionaire that does not know us.

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    • Sista G, what’s Atlanta… or that region of Georgia like? Me & the misses were talking a lot about if we ever move again, and my vote is for that region. However she has allergies and it may be ruled out because of it. But I wanted to seek your opinion.

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      • Atlanta is okay and based on what you’re used to in Cali, the home prices are very decent.
        There are a lot of opportunities for a person who has an entrepreneurial spirit like you.
        That said, we have more than our share of people fronting–you know, the $35,000 a year millionaire right? LOL! We got lots of them!
        Also, it’s very easy to step into an ATL bedroom community that is quite Trump/Confederate leaning so it has its good and bad sides.
        As for allergies, I have them but I just have to take my meds and barrel through 🙂

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      • Would you advise a couple to move there? We both have an entrepreneurial mind, and from my research it seems ideal. I’m sure we should visit a few times, but I wanted to ask before I began to drop more hints Hahaha. We been home sick a little lately, but when we think of home prices, and traffic we stop haha. But we want a quiet(er) place to live, yet city, yet… somewhere with nicer people. I understand the confederate side tho. You’ve survived and seem unscathed

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      • Yes, If you like city life then move into Atlanta proper.
        Otherwise, I’d recommend Cobb County-Smryna.
        My son goes to school on the opposite of the perimeter in Decatur. Decatur is a mixed bag, parts of it are very well to do but other parts are sketchy as hell! LOL!!!
        In general, the traffic sucks but if you can do traffic in Cali, you can do it anywhere! LOL!!

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      • Thank you Sista G, I will take all that in, and give it all real thought. I would like a final destination. Detroit is cool and all, but the people, more specifically the black folk, aren’t really progressive. I want to be around people in general, but people that look like us who are trying to get somewhere in life. Thank you again sis.

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