Favorite shows of the 90’s

If you have been following thecouchsports.com for a while, then you know by we love the 90’s. Thee single greatest decade in the history of man… Ok this man.

None the less, great era. From here on out, every Friday is dedicated to our affinity for that decade. And yes we are taking suggestions for topics.

Without further ado, in no particular order, my favorite shows from the 90’s:



I watched this off and on. This was more of my older cousins show. But if it was on, I’d watch for a hot second.


Fresh Prince


“Sitting down in a basement sittin’ on a tricycle, girl getting on my nerves”… I know you remember that!  This was a transcendent show. Most black shows (I later found out) were only known to black people. The Fresh Prince on the other hand, was a hit for every race in America. Obviously Will Smith became a huge success after the show was done, but in the mean time held his own in the TV world without a background in comedy nor acting.




Mo-to-the…E-to-the… This was an underrated show. No I didn’t care about the spin off ‘The Parkers’ but Moesha always seemed to be a positive show, that I felt didn’t get talked about enough.





The best thing about this show was the theme song

That hand clap though!

I’ll admit, I would watch the theme song, then change the channel. I learned to like the actual show really late in life lol.






This was the black version of Friends…. I guess. So I hear. This show was the shit to me, and this was what I was watching. Not Friends. Quick name me your favorite Pam insult:




Another show I gained appreciation for really late in life. I was an extra grown man when I figured out this show was comedy gold. Yes, you’re allowed to be mad at me. For a while I felt like the black George Costanza.  Let’s just say we relate.




Full House


America’s family. Look at them. Hahaha.

Now….cut…it… out!



Step by Step


All I got to say is, go to Youtube, and listen to the theme song. Now tell me the lady singing wasn’t trying to get her a record deal!


Hangin’ with Mr Cooper

Had to break out the theme song! A picture would not due when your theme song is the shit.


Steve Harvy Show


Before Steve Harvey was reading the wrong name of a contestant winner, before he was the host of…everything, he dropped this short lived jewel.

Jamie Foxx Show


Countless celebrity appearances, countless jokes I can recite, Braxton vs Jamie, Jamie chasing Fancy —Uncle Jr. This show was classic. But what you know about the dance off between Jamie & Braxton? I’ll just leave this right here:


Wayans Bros


Ok can we agree on this, Marlon Wayans was the best dresser of the (early) 90’s. In those days he had a cold wardrobe. The characters had great chemistry. Authenticity/relatability even: T.C. White Mike, Dee. This show was awesome!

Family Matters


The epitome of positive black shows. They had a great theme song (that sounded just like full house), and covered every aspect of life. Very relatable. Even for those of us in the ghetto, you could relate to something.

In Living Color


It almost feels like who didn’t get their start from here? Even now, thinking back on this show makes me realize how genius Keenen Ivory Wayans was. Actually I’m feeling inspired. We need more comedy variety shows back on the air. There hasn’t been anything close to this since, it went off air.



Living Single


Even grown men was singing the theme song to this! Damn, I miss these days…

Sister Sister


Every young boy watch this show for two reasons! I’ll give you each two guesses







© 2010 Mill Creek Entertainment; All Rights Reserved.

Feeling nostalgic yet? I just dropped a Blossom reference on that ass! Whoa!



Power Rangers


This was my Voltron fix in this era of TV. The powers that be hooked me, I’ll admit it. I was young enough to be swayed, but old enough to recognize the many changes they made every year, that eventually made me bow out. Good while it lasted though.


Home Improvement


Yes, when I was a kid I wanted to be Tim “The Tool-man” Taylor. Than I grew up, and cared nothing about tools, nor fixing things. Go figure. Great show none the less.



Married With Children


As a grown man, I still feel like Al was trippin’ not wanting go upstairs with Peg whenever she wanted. This is one of many shows that was ahead of it’s time, yet I’m not fully sure if this show could survive in this era of (soft) American society. Too many crude jokes, and sexual innuendos, maybe. The No Ma’am shirt alone would send the p.c. asshats in a tissy.

Thank you for reading my list. Like, share, tell a friend. Check us out every Friday for flash backs to the 90’s ✌🏿



  1. My favorite show was “All That”, “Kenan and Kel show”, “martin”, fresh prince of Bel air and saved by the bell. Saved by the bell was my shit on Saturday mornings.

    In the 00’s it was “c.I.t.y, you can see why, these guys, the street guys, smart and street wise” lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • I forgot about Saved by the Bell! Damn. That was a good ass show. I didn’t watch Kenan & Kel because I always forgot about them. I damn near might have to make a part two. Matter of fact this should have been a group effort, too many good choices haha. Thank for reading bro

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  2. Moesha was HIGHLY underrated! My girls watch all of these shows in heavy rotation now. Quick thought about Roc…I always felt like it was a slight spinoff from Fences, but I’m not sure anyone ever saw the similarities.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahhhh you just took me down memory lane! Blossom though?! Never would I think that would be on your list lol. I loved her and that damn hat.

    The Wayne’s Brothers, Living Single, Sister Sister, Steve Harvey Show, Jaime Foxx….man, those make me feel good just THINKING about them. I wish we could scrap all current shows and just rest in reruns.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great shows….But, what about “A Different World”? That show ran from 1987-1993. I know I’m reaching, but how many other shows did we have that made college look cooler than drug dealing, playing ball or being a rapper. It’s all love:)

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