Fighting an Uphill Battle

I really don’t know where to begin…

I have a growing frustration with not only what I feel is the dumbing down of America, but the mental gluttony known as instant gratification.

The 24 hour news cycle has ruined us. Gone are the days of having a regular conversation, without fear of offending someone. Everyone is so easily offended. It’s to the point where people feel like they can fuss at you, then get mad that you defended yourself — Or had an original thought.

We can’t even talk sports without talking about a players money, or car, or who they may be dating. What rapper they were seen hanging out with!

What happened to the world?

I know technology. The ultimate gift & Curse.

No one has people skills any longer. Yes that’s a skill!

You know why customer service has diminished? The cashier is mad you walked up, and they had to put their phone down!

I’m not sure if I should write when pissed. But I can no longer sit here and wonder where my place is in the world. Standing idle, feeling out of place because I have the nerve to have my own opinion, and I’m not the type to use emojis instead of actual letters. EVEN ACTUAL SO-CALLED JOURNALIST ARE USING EMOJIS!!!!

One can’t be out of touch if they know what’s going on, and recognizes when authenticity is being suppressed right?

Watching people dumb things down for ratings and/or money.

I realize I have the option to take the easy way out, follow the path of fuckery and live life on my terms faster than what current pace is.

I understand I am last of the Dinosaurs. Hell, people cut from my cloth are in the same boat as libraries and book stores.

To be honest, the people on WordPress keep me sane. The people on WordPress actually read. Can form a sentence. I’m thankful for this community. It let’s me know, there are still people who think like me.

We at The Couch Sports have recently monetized, but seeing the fuckery the competition puts out is a bit frustrating. Going up against the machine. Corporate backed bullshit. But, such is life for those who choose to create their own path.

Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it

-Les Brown

Ok, I’m re-centered now.

If it was easy, everyone could do it.✌🏿



  1. It’s synonymous to what is happening in our country right now. Social media has people so brainwashed that a difference of opinion makes you a bad person. You have to like Beyonce. You have to like LeBron James. You have to like Drake. You have to think Caitlin Jenner is attractive. You have to support BLM. You have to Dave. Hahahahahah. You have to think Jay-Z is the greatest.

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  2. I read no lies here. The microwave nation wants their opinion to count as fact these days. People are so quick to cut others off or berate them for thinking an opposing thought. People just want to feel good and be noticed, praised and celebrated for doing nothing! It’s really disgusting if you think about it.

    I’m glad you and I found WordPress too; if not, some bodies mighta came up missing. Just sayin..

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  3. You already know how it goes. Ratings and money change everything. People will leave integrity behind to get that ’15 minutes of fame’. I read a book that was called “Trust me, I’m lying” by Ryan Holiday that went at length about how everything we view through entertainment is watered down. News and everything is completely processed like junk food.

    Prime example of this is Tomi Lahren. She used Charlemagne to get attention to her name. 3 years ago no one heard of the blaze outside of her picking apart jay z lyrics, now she is primed and ready to get her position at fox news. Charlemagne rationalizes it because deep down he knows he wants to sell his book that’s coming out in a month or two. When you look at the demographics of who purchases books, whites buy more books than blacks. It would make all the sense in the world for Charlemagne to pose in a picture with Tomi Lahren, because he wants a portion of her crowd to see him as the ‘acceptable’ negro. Therefore they can purchase his books and he’ll have a bestseller. His sells his integrity for book sales. This is all conjecture, but is a prime example of why people will go beyond what they originally stood for to gain favor.

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    • Right. That’s a great example. I feel as though that’s what America has become in a nutshell. Unbeknownst to us, it probably started when food that is good for us became expensive, and food that will kill us became cheap, quick options. It’s all culminated into this instant gratification society. I just need to handle my frustration with it all better. People are so brainwashed, they make you feel crazy and out of touch. Lol

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  4. But we as people choose this. We choose not to read. We choose to be on our phones because we think we are all inclusive into the latest gossip or trends. If most people had a mentality like “the government works for us, we don’t work for them” we would be better off. Everyone feels like their opinion matters and what ends up happening is you get novices speaking in things that they shouldn’t speak on or they just sound ignorant. Example if someone was to ask me to chime in on the periodic table of elements, that is not my Forte so I would sound stupid talking about compound elements or something hahahaha. But that is the American way now. We have unqualified people giving their expertise on something or are now giving a job or career because of popularity. You can apply that on all facets of life. It’s just like when 9/11 happened and Dave Chappelle was saying how the media was interviewing JA Rule and he was like “muthafucka I don’t wanna dance right now, I wanna know if I’m safe”

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    • Exactly right. I’m frustrated with it all. What’s even more irritating is realizing most of the people you grew up around are on that bullshit, and you feel surrounded by this way of thinking. You have to detach from folks. And get comfortable with knowing you are living your truth

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      • Yeah it’s a simple fix honestly but alot of us are conditioned to “stat in the know” While staying in the know or keeping up with the Jonses might make you feel good, it’s a temporary fix. Why do u think when someone says something stupid on Twitter or on a Facebook rant, they are fired immediately? The company wants to appease all demographics and get all money. That virtual avatar is poison man

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  5. lmbo “now I’m reentered.” Phew…*wipes forehead* lol! I can definitely relate to this (as most of us can, I’m sure). You brought up so many different things that I want to address so bare with me for being all over the place here…

    As for instant gratification…yesterday I was speaking to this 23 year old at my job about his frustration with our job (that he has only had for around 6-9 months). I asked him what he would rather be doing and he says “I don’t know. I just need my money now and this just takes too long. I might just go to the military.” Man…now I do applaud those who don’t want to be taken advantage of by corporate America but dude…you would rather sign up for the military than have a little patience?

    As for customer service…also yesterday, I went to Walgreens for a late night chocolate candy fix. I walked up to the register where two employees were chatting from over the counter. I said “hey, how are you?” while placing my items on the counter. No reply. Not one. He never told me my total. He never told me to swipe my card. He handed my receipt to me without even saying “thank you” or “have a nice day.” I stood there, contemplating whether or not I would bring to his attention that he just went through an entire transaction with me without saying one word. But being in Chicago, I didn’t want to be shot, so I just left.

    BASICALLY DAVID…I feel you bro! 😀

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