Rayquan not sharing part 2. Daddy’s revenge

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Yes that’s right. Tired of getting punked by these kids. So i am going to be petty. Oh yes I am. I hold that title and wear it proudly. As you recall from last time, Rayquan doesn’t like to share so I like to have fun being petty with him. This is my Lil homie but we like to mess with each other. And I dare you to say something. I dare you on Double dog dare you. Hahahaha.✌✌



    • Hahahahahahahahahahaha. See that’s TV being my father. That’s from Friday. Remember when pops told Craig to hand him the TV remote? Now I do that without even realizing it.

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    • lmfao I wanted to leap through this computer screen and pop Tareau! Messing with that baby like that. Then told him to HAND it to him :O — oh no, we would have some problems! Is this how you treat your lady friends Tareau?!

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      • Thank you for using plural for Lady friends Josie. Hahahahahahahah petty king strikes again. I have a big heart and I just mess with people. Kids, lady friends, CO workers, my moms hahahahah. No one is exempt, but I know my limits. I try and teach my son to share because he thinks because he is disabled he doesn’t have to share. Nope. Rayquan is a bully to. He bullies his twin brother. If u can Ms. Josie check out my YouTube page documenting our adventures…


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      • I didn’t know much about autism until the last video that I watched from you (also with you being a jerk lol). I subscribed and activated notifications so that I will know when you post! I love learning and you have a very simplistic way of explaining too, which is great.

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      • Oh thank you Ms. Josie. Yes they were diagnosed in 2010. It’s tough but I wouldn’t want it easy. Taught me alot about the world. Yes we have alot of adventures but yes I am a jerk but I’m the nicest jerk in the history of mankind. King passive aggressor hahahahhaha.

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  1. Oooh I can’t stand you when you be actin’ a fool on Rayquan!
    I could reach through the screen and choke the hell out of you! Oooooh!!!!!!!!
    Why you gotta have Thomas?
    And don’t say, “Because I’m petty!”
    Don’t do it! Just don’t!

    By the way, I wanna eat Rayquan’s little toes!
    They are sooooooo cute!

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