N.B.A. Ni**as Be Actin’


When is enough — enough? The NBA golden chi…. The Face of the Association is definitely thinking about life after the NBA. LeBron James has been working on his acting chops for a while now.


Exhibit A

First of all, (there are so many first of alls here) at 6’8,  270 lbs it’s hard to believe someone who looks the part of a gym rat, can go down so easy — so often. I could half way understand if you ran into Andre Drummond full speed.

Second of all, what kind of example are you setting here? The whole league flops, I get it, but that doesn’t mean you do it too. You’re LeBron Freaking James! Since you stepped foot in the league, we were told you were dominant.

It’s easy to forget  when this type of shit is going on 👇🏿


As fans, or we done with this behavior yet? I completely understand the NBA is entertainment at the end of the day. Trust me, I understand. But what is so entertaining about this:



Or This:


Seriously! It’s enough to have you staring at your tv like


Why am I watching this shit?

Adam Silver it’s time to call a spade a spade, and drop the hammer financially. I get the anti-flopping rule was put in to place a couple of years back, but I personally feel it wasn’t harsh enough to quail habitual offenders.

So you mean to tell me, as a consumer, I’m stuck watching unskilled shooters camped out at the three point line, and stuck watching players flop?!

*Plot twist —  players are camped at the three point line to avoid floppers*

I know that isn’t the case (kind of wish it were), but both of these unfortunate (un)dynamics are offending my optics.

Some say the talent level has never been better, I present:

Exhibit B


That’s just the first wave! That’s light.

That’s when men were men. No one was doing this:


But, the man flopped his way to three titles. So maybe he’s smart like a fox…

I mean he’s making Millions…. a Billion, and I’m writing about his antics. 🤔

Listen, all I want is to watch the game be played like an art form, like it used to be.

All the theatrics are driving the basketball purist away. We are being replaced by these people who just want to be seen and use a winning team as collateral for cool points

let’s play spot the black people

Ahhh yea, the corporate dollar. Notice it was less flopping, and more fun, fundamentally skilled players when real fans were getting decent priced tickets.

Ok, I’m getting too real, let’s wrap this up.

In conclusion,








  1. Ha! Of course Derek would be chillin out with LeBron on the floor! He’s known for scrubbing the ground too lol! But out of that entire compilation, I saw Lebron get hit ONCE. So I’m guessing he has very sensitive skin + muscles OR he suffers from phantom touches.

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