Product of Your Environment

Thanx Dave!

It’s always been said, that the best boxers come from the worst of backgrounds.  The same goes for most athletes. Pressure makes diamonds, and like a wise woman once told me,  “Nothing makes you move like discomfort.”  What makes one successful? Is it being mentally stronger than everyone else? Perseverance? Work ethic? Is it planning and executing? If you have the right connections you may have access to things others will never know about. For example, Steph Curry grew up with an NBA father, NBA caliber shooting coaches, NBA players—essentially any and every tool for success were at his fingertips—if he so needed them. Look at someone like LeBron James, who grew up in less fortunate circumstances, in Akron,OH to a 16 year old single parent with nothing.  He’s in the NBA from sheer hunger, and the determination to get out of a situation. In this piece I’m going to…

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